Reconstruction project of the Luznava manor building

Thanks to the project carried out by the municipality of Rezekne, the building of Luznava Manor has recovered the value of its cultural heritage and returned to ancient style as a cultural pearl in Latgale, where the significance of the Rēzekne municipality will be found.

The project implemented by the municipality of Rezekne “Reconstruction of the Luznava Manor building (including local restoration works)” is one of the most important projects of Rezekne's municipality, in terms of both the financial volume and the amount of reconstruction work carried out.

The Luznava Manor building has a unique and interesting history, and the object is a cultural monument of national significance, but until the commencement of reconstruction, the building was in a very sad state, so it was urgently needed to be restored.

Prior to the reconstruction, an artistic architectural research of the building was carried out and a technical project was developed. Building works, reconstruction of the building and external cellar roof, roof cover, restored flue-pipes, as well as restoration of historical components and roof windows on the roof. As part of the project, the building's foundations have been reconstructed, hydroinsulation works have been performed, as well as the reconstruction works of the external facade of the estate building.

Significant reconstruction works have also been performed in the inner rooms of the manor building: reconstructed walls, ceilings, floor coverings, fully reconstructed manor basement, which has now changed to non-recognition – if it was never possible to be there, there will be a variety of educational and cultural events in the light and broad spaces. A large festival hall with the necessary auxiliary facilities has also gained a new visual image.

Heating and ventilation system, including built-in warm floor heating. Installation of water and sewerage systems, installed electrical systems, including reinstalled fire protection systems and a lightning protection system installed. It is important to note that in the first floor of the manor, all rooms will be accessible to people with reduced mobility.

In view of the importance of the object and its cultural historical value, a large amount of work has been invested in restoring the windows of the estate building, doors, wooden trim panels, floor parquets and stairways. The chapel rooms are also restored in the southern part of the building.

The renovated Luznava manor building will act as a building house. It is planned that in the future Lukznava's manor could be developed as an international centre for environmental education and art, as well as a place where various clusters will be held, international camps, seminars, art festivals and other activities will be organised. It will be possible to visit and use this cultural historical object not only for the residents of Luznava parish and Rezekne, but also for Latgale, Latvian and foreign guests.

The Centre is expected to provide an understanding of traditions and cultural heritage and to combine traditions with the latest technologies to create new competitive products for the development of the entire Rēzekne municipality.

The local government is planning the development of the Luznava Park in the future, with the attraction of state, local government and EU funding and the development of further customs and park activities.

Total cost of the object: 1 297 395,70 EURO, of which the European Union financing shall be EUR 463 721,83.

Project implementation time: August 4, 2010 – December 31, 2014.

The reconstruction works of Luznava Manor were carried out under the budget of the municipality of Rezekne, with support from the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development (EAFRD).

Anita Bringule,
project Manager

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