Military training will take place in THE TERRITORY OF Ozolaines parish


National services

The National Guard 3 is provided for from 30 August to 19 September. The 36 th battle of Latgale Brigade supports the training of soldiers of the Rēzekne of Rēzekne IN THE territory OF Ozolaines parish. The training will take place in the area with cadastre number 78760040085.

Approximately 30 soldiers who travel through the area with weapons will participate in the training. For training purposes, cabbage munitions will be used. On shared roads, soldiers will be moving with military vehicles.

The training areas in the Green Area are planned to be built. They will be created according to the requirements and restrictions of “Latvian State Forests” and the area will be cleaned and arranged after the period of training.

The person responsible for training from 30 August to 19 September shall be called by telephone 29354623.

Figure: National Guard 36 th Battalion Support Battalion Study Area from 30.08.2021. to 19.09.2021.

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