In Rēzekne District, honesty businessmen

On 19 March, on the day of Joseph, the Seventh year was the day of the Rēzekne District and a solemn ceremony for the award of prizes. In the event that took place in the Sherjan parish cultural house this year, the bidders for “Rezekne Municipality 2018” were honoured.

Winners of the “Rezekne municipality” competition:

Annual company: company with limited liability “Daileko” (Feimaņu civil parish), annual agricultural company: farm “Elkens” (Stoļerovas civil parish, Raimonds and Inga Luca), annual tourism service provider: farm “NIOS” guest house “Osmany” (Mākoņkalna parish, Nina and Valerijs Safronovi), annual company – municipality of the MUNICIPALITY – “Alaska” (local identity product): farm farm “Alaska” (Nagļu civil parish, Rosalie Mežatuča), annual artisanal/domestic producer: Inga Zeile (Maltas parish), annual innovation implementer: SIA “Sprudzeva M” (Maltas parish, Pavel melnis), annual innovation implementer: RSEZ SIA “NewFuels” (Ozolmuižas parish, Pavel melnis), annual innovation implementer: RSEZ SIA “NewFuels” (Ozolmuižas civil society, Victoria and Francis Kipuri), annual employer: RSEZ SIA “NewFuels”, annual employer: RSEZ SIA “NewFuels” (Ozolmuižas parish, Victoria and Francis Kipuri), annual employer: RSEZ SIA “NewFuels” (Ozolmuižas parish, Victoria and Francis Kipuri), annual employer: RSEZ SIA “NewFuels”, annual employer: RSEZ SIA “NewFuels”, annual employer: RSEZ SIA “NewFuels” (Ozolmuižas parish, Victoria and Francis Kipuri), annual employer: RSEZ SIA “NewFuels”, annual employer: RSEZ SIA “NewFuels” (Ozolmuižas parish, Victoria and Francis Kipuri), annual employer: RSEZ SIA “NewFuels” (Ozolmuižas parish, Victoria and Francis Kipuri), annual employer: RSEZ SIA “NewFuels”, annual employer: RSEZ SIA “NewFuels” (Ozolmuižas parish, Victoria and Francis Kipuri), annual employer: RSEZ SIA “NewFuels”, annual employer: RSEZ SIA “NewFuels” (Ozolmuižas parish, Victoria and Francis Kipuri).

Speaking to the present, the President OF the Rēzekne District Council, Monvīds Švarcs, said that the tradition of celebrating the businessmen directly on 19 March, in Joseph's Day, which is also marked as a master's day in the People's traditions, was established seven years ago to thank the entrepreneurs for their work and susceptibility: “there has been a year since the previous event, when we honoured entrepreneurs. The year has been strained and full of events. Celebrated national centuries, celebrated song festivals, we have come to the government. Entrepreneurs have no choice – to work or do not work, a businessman can choose to work well or work even better. We are grateful that you are, and you are very different - self-employed, individual businessmen, farmers, domestic producers, tourism service providers, farmers, livestock farmers. Various spheres are represented, with different turnover, with a number of employees in their companies. No one has taken account of the average statistical businessman in Rezekne municipality. You could count on the year in which the parish lives, but it is not so important. It is important to name the properties that are each of the business operators. Our counsellors have characteristics such as wisdom, courage, goal-driven activity and social responsibility not only for their own businesses but also for their employees. I thank you, on behalf of the population, for being able to produce these production results from one year to a year and be a good citizen of your country. Late - whatever wind blows so that they are favourable to your business, i wish you business, you have the same prosperity. Let everyone get along with us! '

In the nomination of the prize “annual agricultural company” was presented by a member of the Rēzekne District Council, head of the Standing Committee on Economic Development, Staņislavs Šķesters, who was also the President of the Commission. The annual family business was performed by a member OF the Rēzekne District Council, Ērika Teirumnieka, stressing that it is a great joy if a number of generations can be employed in one company. THE Rēzekne municipality council for the development of the rural economy OF THE municipality OF Rēzekne, THE Executive Director of THE LEARN, Daina Butler, welcomed the annual craftsmen/domestic producers – people who create not only practical but also cultural historical values. The Award of the year was given by the parish housekeeper - Dricānu and Stružānu parish management manager Diana Saxon. The local identity product (VIP) manufacturer, the farm “Alaska” was honoured by the head of the Rēzekne District Council, head OF the Standing Committee on Education, Culture and Sport Guntis Rasims, stressing that the identity is the one that has always been held in the Rēzekne municipality. The vice-president of the municipality of Rēzekne, Elhusband Pizane, gave a prize for the annual innovation for one of the municipality's flagmas – SIA “Sprudzeva M”.

By giving a prize to the tourism industry representative, the head of the Rēzekne municipality's Department of Development Planning, Anna Jaug, said that Rezekne municipality could be proud of the tourism sector: “In the past 20 years, the municipality of Rezekne has done very much so that tourism develops so that people know who we are, where we are, what we are proposing, so that people want to come and stay with us. In an attempt to reach a wider audience, we have advertised our international exhibitions, taking bloggers and tourist operators. We have practised in the organisation of international and regional events and we have concluded that people are matching their recreational trips to our activities. The beneficiaries are not only tourism entrepreneurs but also trade companies and service providers. We have worked on the creation of a strong“ magnet ”- after the start of the“ beacon ”of the water tourism development centre, the number of visitors has grown 10 times! But thanks TO Lūznavas manor, the number of visitors has doubled! It is, of course, possible for local entrepreneurs to develop their own business. The municipality of Rēzekne took 163 thousand tourists last year, and 58 thousand guests chose to stay for more than one day. This figure is the largest among Latgale municipalities, we have stalled Daugavpils (30 thousand) and Rezekne (20 thousand). It is a pleasure that our tourism entrepreneurs are able to organise their activities not only in the summer season and throughout the year. '

Each nominated company is special. RSEZ SIA “Verems” has employed the largest number of employees last year, created the most new jobs and made the highest social contributions to the national budget. As the best employer of the year, the Executive Director of Rezekne, Janis Troška, described it as saying: “it is a company that gives, gives and reproduces, who also gives work to our people. Given to the donor! '

The Rēzekne municipality is awarded a prize – the theme object - which reflects the light and also the complex road to success. “Each entrepreneur should look at this symbolically depicted golden road – forward and upward,” – said Monvīds Švarcs.

Diana Selecka

Photo: Alexander Lebeds

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