Special children of Rezekne municipality have received gifts from warriors in Ireland


Social Department

The time of Adventes has elapsed, Christmas is expected, and the new year …. is a Christmas concert concert, the smell of self-baked peppercakes is home.
But this time more gifts and gifts....
The gift purchase fever is so pleasant for people! If you know that the gift recipient is doing something very much and you're given the chance to get it! Is it not a joy for both the donor and the recipient?
The pleasure of receiving such gifts in the municipality of Rēzekne, 43 children with special needs, had taken care of Portlaoise and Roscrea in Ireland. Although the warriors expressed their willingness to stay simply as a dwarf … We sincerely thank all 11 warriors and coordinators for the gifts of the gifts.
Thank you for your support for the attractive Ozolmuižas for young people who took care that the spruce would be interesting and binding! The joy in the eyes of the children was false!
All the children have received their gifts, and it is the time we can tell you that they have supported us, helped to delight the hearts of the special children.
We want to wish that there is enough power and light for the next way of life, our warriors in Ireland!
Silvia Strankale, head of the municipality of Rēzekne municipality

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