On ED in Eastern Latgale

The municipality of Rezekne, in collaboration with the Central Library of Rezekne, the Preparatory Library of Preiles and the Central Library of Kraslava, acquired financing for the Europe Direct East Latgale 2021-2025. The main target groups of the Centre are children and young people (pupils and students), local government employees, rural entrepreneurs, NGOs, teachers and librarians.

Europe Direct in East Latgale offers:

  • get answers to questions about THE EU;
  • free information material on EU areas of activity;
  • computers with Internet connection to search for information about THE EU;
  • travel to schools with thematic presentations about EU;
  • competitions and discussions on topical EU issues;
  • seminars and training on EU themes;
  • information on the possibilities of obtaining EU funds funding for projects.

There are currently seven Europe Direct Information Centres in Latvia – Rezekne (Eastern Latgale), Cēsis (Vidzeme), Gulbene, Jçkabpils, Jelgava, Ventspils and Kuldīga. Centre contact information

For reference:

Europe Direct is a 2005 European Commission's network of information centres operating in all Member States of the European Union (EU) to provide free information to all citizens on EU areas of activity and to invite everyone to participate in THE EU's ongoing processes and to take advantage of the opportunities offered BY eu membership. In turn, the European Commission, with the help of Europe Direct Information Centres, has the opportunity to find out what THE EU knows and thinks in the regions.


Europe Direct in East Latgale
Address: Release alley 95A, Rezekne, LV-4601 (Municipality of Rezekne Municipality, Cabinet 3, Cabinet 33 or 35)
Phone: +371 64607177
E-mail: ed@rezeknesnovads.lv
Working time: 8.00-16.30


Europe Direct East Latgale network:

Useful information on the European Union:

Welcome to the information centre and call for the opportunities offered by the European Union to every citizen of Latvia!

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