“Welcome to the snowmen!” Kaunatas in parish

 For the whole of January, we were delighted by a white winter mood. The snow-covered snow blanket allowed everyone to enjoy the pleasure of the winter. Kaunatas parish unit vwe could have fantasies for the month of January of the isu, and build a variety of large and small, short and long, creative and sporting, family and happy snow weasels and ladies. While active in both families and individually, there was a miraculous work in fresh air, and there were many and different smiles, happy and attractive snowmen in each of the parishes. The sense of husbandry that encouraged the family to bring together the family and spend time with us, the organisers, gave great satisfaction, because we are always pleased with the responsiveness of the people, the joy and satisfaction of the accomplishment. We would like to thank all parish people for their participation in the competition and the great responsiveness.

 Čornajas People's House driver Santa vič light:

Vi would like to thank you for participating in the competition “snowman time” for your Čornajas people: 

  • Emilia and Xenia Alexeyeva, in the nomination “lucky Snowman”;
  • For Svetlanai and Jegoram Belgiusovos, in the nomination “sportic Snowman”; 
  • For Melanie and Reinhold Brolians - nomination “Čornajas lyrics”; 
  • Andy Marianne Broliver - nominations “A-ou, es te!” and “Red button”;
  • Višu - Family family in the nomination “snowman family”;  
  • Nikitam Cjunsky – nomination “dark lady”;
  • Zanei Ushua - nomination “big and strong Snowman”;
  • Vadim Ramkovich - nomination “wife of Snowman”. 

 Cardholder's House driver vija Jershaw: 
A total of 19 children and young people participated in the competition, as well as four families in the following nominations:

  •  “The most family soldiers” - the family of Christine and Artur bribes;
  •  “The most powerful Snowman” - Alinas and Maxima Yarosevich family;
  •  “Achron Snowman” - the family of Snejan and Oļega Spruukes;
  •  The “year symbol” of the viewers – Andris Eisaks;
  • “Most original snow sculpture” - Snijan Sprucht;
  • “White Lady” - Vlada Merzlova
  • “Evening serial” - Janis Petuhov, Roland Petuhov, Dennis Nikitin;
  • “The smallest Snowman” - Emily Petuhov. 

 Stoļerovas-house driver Dzintra Gribuste thank you for your 25 snowmen who participated in the competition “oil, oil, oil, big snowfall” in the following nominations:

  • “Family Community”'- Tatjana Katkovsk family, Edgar and Inara's ancestry family, Oxana and Valda Drunks family, Aigar and Dzintras Gribust family;
  • “Original Community” - the family of Edgar and Inara Pavlovsk, Yuri and Alaon Galayu family, Mikucca family, Inara and Anatolia Petuhov family;
  • “Modern Community'- the family of Modra and Laura Seņkanes, the Aigar and the Julian Spruuts family;
  • “The most glorious Community'- Evia Aminko family, Sandra Prancha family, Samantha Pavlova;
  • “Viewer sympathy””- Irene and Yuri White family, Aurelia Arbidane, Ingus Luca.  

Griškānu Head of Cultural House Ināra Daugule and youth affairs organizer Igors Isupovs thanks to the active participants of their parish for the drawing and lifting of snowsprings. Thank you for Provey, Ingai Oltian with family, Alice Lissy (5 years), Andrey Groz, Arkady Ladusim. 

 Kaunatas Head of the “sail” of the youth centre Tamara Kablanova  they celebrate their shame and proud that 22 snowmen and snow sculptures have been built and collected.

  • In the nomination “The Targest Snowman”, the victory laurus was flowed by the fashionable snowmen of the Potashaw family.
  • The nomination “highest Snowman” is assigned to the Kablanov family work. High and tall Snowman, who reminds him of wearing face masks during this emergency.
  • Ieva Sutin Snowman, who looks at the world with his feet in the air, was regarded as the most fun.
  • The nomination “greatest Snowman” was awarded to Renaire and Artfield. The Snowman, raised by young people, is not only great and brave, but also reminds us of distancing during the emergency.
  • The nomination “Vissuperīgākais Snowman” was awarded the small girls Madara and Patricia, who built a nice snowman in their height.
  • The smile makes us happier, happier, and also gives an external look to his charm, so the nomination “Charmant Snowman” prizes received Anna Pavlovsky with his smiling snowman.
  • In the nomination “Merged Snowman”, an ants' family was awarded with polished, hairdressed snow trunks.
  • In the nomination, Alice Brokane was awarded the “brightest Snowman”. Her Snowman with lamps and light-reflective jackets increased the safety of road users.
  • The “elegant Snowman” award was awarded to Emilia Bernanes Snowman.
  • The “most impressive sculpture” was acquired by the Bernan family. They had a real architecture from snow.
  • In the nomination, the “smallest snowball” award was received by Snejana Ševchenko.
  • The nomination “Family Snowman” was awarded to the Soldiers family for the snowy family of snowmen. This family also received a prize in the nomination “Snowman”.
  • In the nomination, the “creative sculpture” award was received by Varvara and Greeb Sprudzers with the symbol of that year.
  • In the nomination, the Snowman of Snowman was awarded Olga Strode with his little snow-sweepers.
  • In the nomination, the “friendly Snowman” prize was received by little Ralph with Dad Edgar Potashaw.
  • The nomination “delighted Snowman” was acquired by the Dubrovskis family.
  • In the nomination “festival Snowman” was awarded the Kvjatkovskau family.
  • In the nomination, the “strongest Snowman” award was received by young Linda Kisele. Her Snowman was made from wall and film.
  • In the nomination, the “working Snowman” prize was received by Allas Silova Snowman, who guarded the house.
  • In the nomination, the “dancing Snowman” prize was received by Robert Gribusta's snowman.

On the social networks “Facebook”, the “sail” page of the youth centre was determined by the determination of “viewers' sympathy”. We follow and congratulate! 

 Mākoņkalna parish leisure centre “hive” driver Jekaterina Itkača send thanks to the contest activists. “A total of 33 heroes were received. Occasionally a variety of snowmen appeared in our courtyards. It was very hard to choose the winners. But the jury made a choice:

  • 3 rd place awarded “giant Snowman”, autores Anastasia, Nicola, Sofia;
  • 2 nd place awarded “snowman family”, autores Lillie, Lisolete, Vika;
  • 1 st place awarded the “charming couple of snowmen”, authors Andrejs, Christine.  

A special prize for the largest number of facebook.com was awarded the “brave snowman couple”, the authors Ludmila and Maxime. It is pleasant that children and their parents participated in the competition. Thank everyone for active membership! The prizes will be awarded individually. "                             

According to the jury's vision and assessment, each member was a winner and all certainly reached the awaited prizes! We will continue to be as active as we fly in snowy dreams, enjoy the bloody snowflakes that fall on your hands and nose, we will be going to work and send the results of new competitions. A collaboration!


News on snowfall competitions was compiled BY Dzintra Gribuste, head of THE Stoļerovas.




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