Health promotion days in Rezekne municipality

As part of the Rēzekne municipality, the project “live healthy in Rēzekne District!” took place in the event cycle “health promotion days”.

During the days of health promotion, four graduate specialists – endocrinologist, neurologist, cardiologist and psychiatrist – read lectures on the importance of healthy lifestyles and about potential consequences, ignoring healthy lifestyle habits, and providing answers to the questions of the event. The doctors - resident in endocrinology speciality Laura Stirāne read a lecture on diabetes and prevention measures to improve health. A doctor-resident in neurological speciality Kārlis Stirans said in his lecture what the stroke is and how to recognize it and whether it can be avoided as well as primary prevention. Doctor - resident in cardiology speciality Valdis Dakulas provided information on prevention of cardiovascular disease and health promotion, as well as oncological disease and prevention. In the lecture, questions were answered: what are the risks of deterioration in health? What do you do? What if the health warms? A certified psychiatrist Valdis Katkevics provided information on psychiatric and psychotional health factors and help opportunities in his lecture. The lecture received answers to the following questions: what does stress do to our body? What is distress? What is depression? Why do people burn? How to avoid stress and do not come to depression? The project “lives healthy in Rēzekne District!” (ref. No is attested by the European Social Fund (ESF).

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