Holiday house "Strautiņi"

Laser tag or laser biathlon games, Latgalian home kitchen with pre-logging, holiday home letting.

Cuble for holidays and leisure with hydromassage system, air bubble system and LED lighting. You can order with the sauna or separately!

You get a ready-to-use cuble, just go and enjoy. I don't need to be urged, i don't have to think about wood and water. Drive and enjoy.

Additionally available: grill, large cast iron boiler for fire, coffee percolator, cradle-nets, battle with a protective network, tent places, a chance to play volleyball and other equipment.

Laser tag area, game 6 × 6, lazerbiathlon, picnic site, go to birthdays or other events. In the case of worse weather conditions, a farm house space is available.

Laser tag, also called laser paintball, is an exciting team game for anyone who loves an active rest in the company. The game is simulated and is usually carried out in specially equipped landfills – barracks, anglers, bunks, forests or other open-air objects. The essence of the game is to hit enemies with infrared. When shot, the sound of the shot is simulated and a small impact. The hit is fixed by electronics, which causes the sensors to shine into the head link or the jacket. When compared to the peintball and airsofts, the laser tag has significant advantages, such as a large shoot distance, no wind-induced interference if the laser tag is used outdoors. There is no need to reload the cover and bullets, the unlimited number of charges, the impressive visual effects, the special clothing, the helmet, the face guard, etc.

It is not less important that, unlike peintball, there is no feeling of pain or injury at all in the laser tag game. When the “shot” hit the opponent, it feels vibration. Feedback even in long distances makes it possible to detect hit in the target. In addition, the shots are accompanied by sound effects. The game is based on electronic weapons that shoot laser beam and vibrating receivers that will strengthen the player's heads and/or jackets. The game can be organized in practically anywhere and in spaces with natural or artificially created obstacles and outdoors without fear of damage to the environment. Players can play even from the age of 4, but the recommended age is from 6 years. There are no bruises in the game – only the hit from the vibration, the bullets don't have to pay – shoot as much as you want. Unlike the peintball hit, you don't have to wait for the end of the game because the laser paintball allows you to recover your life in a “base”.

To minimise the possibilities of unfair game – the weapon turns off when the opponent has “shot you”. After the game, you can receive the statistics of each participant and win the best shooter or more often “shoot”. In practice, it is the same computer game, but the entire activity is performed by itself, in fresh air, running, moving and feeling adrenaline instead of clicking on the computer mouse.

Three things are needed to enjoy the laser tag: the area, the game's inventory, and, of course, the players. “Strautiņi” offers an area, an inventory of 12 players, an instructor. Arsenal is a 12-Predator AK12-LT game kit (generation 9) with RGB wireless sensor, headgear, plugs for life renovation, mines, grenades, checkpoints, “nuclear suitcase” for one of the game simulations. Spaces or shelters, novice, grilling accessories, drinking water and fresh air are available at the time of the game.

Address Strautiņi 1, Dricānu pagasts, Rēzeknes novads
Coordinates 56.686672; 27.220318
Phone +371 29174868, +371 22014146
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