Building of Lūznava Manor with Park

There is a chance to walk around the park, swing swaying or sit down on a ponton bench, as well as visit the children's playground.

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From 1 May to 30 September: Tuesday to Sunday 10.00-18.00
From 1 October to 30 April: Tuesday to Sunday 9.00-16.00
Monday: closed

Concerts, exhibitions, excursions, creative workshops, masters, awareness games, acquisition of Souvenirs, accommodation, private events, photosessions, catering service after pre-application, walking park, children's playgrounds, picnic place, terrace on water, place for marriage ceremony, celebrations. Tourism Information Centre of Rēzekne Municipality.
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Lūznava Manor is the only one built and currently preserved in the original form of its original form in Latgale.

Latgale's yogendile pearl. At the beginning of the 20 th century, it was built as a place for art and music. Having experienced historic changes, becoming a courteous child school, war headquarters, technicality, sovhoza office, parish administration, school and library again. In 2015, re-born to inspire and become the real place in which THE MUSE is, it is a place where all – creative ideas and intentions, musical sounds and poetry words.

Lūznavas Manor, Cultural barn and park there is a place for art, music and education. The manor red hall is a great place for chamber music concerts, the best solution to the exhibitions of artistic works will be found in exhibition hall, but the park will be a source of inspiration in the art and photo plenary. Lūznavas Manor is a place to find your life or show what you've already done. If you have an interest in a musician or artist and ideas about concert activities, placement of exhibitions exhibitions or masters, organising creative workshops in Lūznavas manor, we will be happy to cooperate! For communication: or +371 29390701.

Park. A 23.7 ha of landscape park is surrounded by the mud, with a 7-pond system of 2.6 ha, where the manor owner Kerbedza was growing fish. The park contains an environmental object in Apple tree and a Madonna statue showing the Holy Maria created by an Italian artist of unknown origin. During World War II, it was damaged and pushed into the pond. In 1991, the statue was renewed. Today, the park has been renowned ~ 1 km long tourist walk. The track is covered with tiny scraps and flashlights. A large variety of tree species is present in the park. There are snakes, walnut trees, beech, Siberian larch and cedar. The park contains a leaf and two terraces on the water. At the edge of the park behind Madonna's statue is children's game area and an outdoor musical instrument.

ExcursionsAttendance of Manor, Manor exhibitions and exhibitions, chapels, parks and groups. For groups, if you need a guide, you must log in before. Duration of excursion with guide ~ 1-1.5 h, not more than 30 persons in the group.
Application for excursions and activities, Tourism information centre: +371 28686863; +371 63161616 (stationary phone)

Creative workshops
Consciousness game “Manor Bat Lifetime Mission”
– familiarisation of the estate park objects over the course of the game.
Graphic Workshop
- narrative, Souvenir formation with drawbar ornaments in linocutaneous technique.
Target archery
Cluster and dancing masters class for pupils and adult groups
Quest erudition game
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To say yes in Lūznavas manor

It is said that the most crawling wedding decorator is the love of the young couple, but the choice of the wedding venue is indisputably important so that the white day of life is like an unforgettable adventure for both young spouses and wedding guests. As of the summer of 2015, the municipality of Rēzekne offers the opportunity to say yes in a renewed Lūznavas manor.

Thanks to the project “Lūznavas muiža building reconstruction (including local restoration works)” implemented by the municipality of Rēzekne, the hundredth-year-old building has recovered its cultural heritage value, returning as a real Latgale cultural pearl and now waiting for marriages.

In the southern part of the manor, a chapel was restored, where the matrimonial links would join the priests Ainārs Londe from the Cathedral of the Holy Catholic Catholic Catholic of Rēzekne. A celebration hall for marriages of marriages, chaired by a representative of the General Registry Office, is also arranged in the large rooms of the estate. In both the chapel and the celebration hall, a wedding of approximately 50 guests can be held. There are also rooms in the manor building where the young couple are broken before the solemn time, as well as the place for the first toast and champagne glass. On the other hand, more than 20 hectares in the large manor park after marriage can be performed with different wedding rituals and performances.

According to Marija Deksne, head of the State General Registry Office of the municipality of Rēzekne, the registration of marriages in Lūznavas estate pays 35,34 EURO, including 14 EUR national fee. It should be added that the organisers of the marriages ceremony must ensure that a representative of the General Registry office is taken to Lūznavas Manor.

More information on the ceremony of marriages at Lūznavas Manor and other services of the municipality of Rēzekne may be obtained from the office of the leader of the office of the driver by telephone. +371 64607178 or e-mail:

Address Pils iela 8, Lūznava, Lūznavas pagasts, Rēzeknes novads
Coordinates 56.35779909999999; 27.260425800000007
Phone +371 29390701, +371 28686863, +371 63161616
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