Kaunata Roman Catholic Church of the Virgin Mary

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There are different views on the time of the first church in Kaunatā. According to the archives of the Governor of Vitebsk, it was built in 1697, Gustav Manteifel writes that it was built in 1715, after other sources Kaunatā's first church, which was later burned, was built by Mr Solanne in 1702. It is known that the present-day church church in 1850 was built by Muižniece Zuzanne. In that year, on 10 September, the church was sanctioned by the honour of the Virgin.

THE main altar of the Kaunatas church was supported by six massive stone columns. An altar painting that reproduces the Virgin Mary and iu. Elizabeth's meeting scene is currently in a restoration in Rīga. According to art scientists, this unknown author's work is owned by Latgale painting 19.gs.

The Kaunatas parish or mission point existed from 1690. At first it was served by a missionary Jesuit from Daugavpils, Izvalta, Rēzekne, this mission was called Hilsen's mission, as the Manors Hilzen's took care of the missionary maintenance. In 1743, Viļaka and Bratislava had acquired a permanent missionary of Kaunata. In 1772, Kaunata was running 2 permanently missionaries - Jesuit. In 1777, the Jesuit mission ended its operation in Kaunata.
Staņislava Kimbra (1901 –1906) was raised in a congregation. Now, as a parish pleader, it was used in 1955 in the garden of the church church of I.Broka.

Address Kaunata, Kaunatas pagasts, Rēzeknes novads
Coordinates 56.3317049; 27.5468836
Phone +371 64667000
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