Lipuški Old Believers' House of Prayer

The church was built in 1904. In 1893, lipuškos was the largest congregation of the Old Believers in the Baltics.

The Lipuški is located on the south bank of Lake Rāzna, where the old-believers are settled from ancient times, according to ancient Old Believers' cemeteries in the surrounding area. The current prayer of Lipuški Old Believers was built in 1904. It has suffered from robbers over the years, so there are no real icons in the rooms, but photoreproduction. By 1905, the gods could only be built so that they were not distinguished from the usual house, that is, without calls, crosses and domes. Also, Lipuški prayer house was built as a living building, but there was a rumor that there was a church service here. The local authority wished to close this house, but it failed, as the Old Believers parked a picture of the cart beside the icons, which embarrassed and prevented them from closing the house. (Platpire, 2006)

Address Lipuški, Mākoņkalna pagasts, Rēzeknes novads
Coordinates 56.2912359; 27.4343904
Phone +371 64646741
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