All Saints Orthodox Church of Malta (Rozentova)

Wooden bed with paired window frames and onion dome, facades - stylised sun motive.

Maltas (Rosentova) The VisuSvēto Orthodox Church is an architectural monument of local significance. It was built in 1928, at the Orthodox cemetery, as a small wooden bed, square plan, with a rectangular structure. The main entrance is designed as a tent-shaped volume. Small paired window frames, a bulb-shaped dome above a four-oblique roof covering the small prayer room of the church. Window shutters, entrance and altar, polychrome colouring, stylised sun motive in facades. (Malta, 2005, ER)

Address Rozentova, Maltas pagasts, Rēzeknes novads
Coordinates 56.3462785; 27.1862041
Phone +371 64634377
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