Roman Catholic Church of the Virgin Mary of Sarkaņi

Popular holiday site. In 1860, the church church is famous with the celebration of the Virgin Marie's miracle, which has a healing power.
The first known Catholic Church in Sarkanes has been a small wooden building built at the end of the 17 th century or at the beginning of the 18 th century. This church in the altar was a picture of a wooden painted and silver-dressed Virgin Mary, made in the 15 th, 16 th century.
In 1830, Anton Latkovsky began to take care of the construction of a new church in Sarkaņi. In his will, giving his property to relatives, he emphasized that he was obliged to complete the church. Thanks to the money left by the dispute, as well as the donations of the parish members, the church was built. In 1897, Bishop F.Simon gave it more consecrated (consecrated) to the Honor of the Virgin. The Red Church is a very simple square-shaped stone building with a small square tower above the roof at the entrance. Construction of the semiconductor altar. Eclectic with the interpretation of regional honesty and novelty styles. Design - Halles type with Cora (separated by three arches above which balcony). Interior - classical style forms, central altar in three-part neogoic forms. The church is a wall-bell tower, a square Pantheon on eight brick walls, covered with arches and a rectangular roof. Also in the new church altar was the old church of the old church, the Our mother in the silver gown. There is a storm about the Sunday of the Queen of Sardinia: in the place where the Red Church is now, a large old oak has been in ancient times, and that Sunday is found in the branches, then the people of the surroundings have begun to pray and build the church.
Sarkanes are regarded as one of the oldest Sundays in Latgale. As the Sardinian congregation is relatively close to both Rezekne and Ludza, it is likely that he was initially active in Jesuit, but later dominated. After that, the priests took over it in their care. (cake, 1999)

Address Sarkaņi, Lendžu pagasts, Rēzeknes novads
Coordinates 56.5624640; 27.5650360
Phone +371 28345990
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