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Allow a quiet sleep and sleep in Latgale, mirrors in the light of Rushon lake, read the juniper, lie down on a kindness and look at the star case in the sky, and look at the clouds, lashing in the trees in the cradle-nets, the barefoot trail in the carpet of the green moss, wake up with the bird songs, enjoy the painting scenes.

“Kadiķīši” is a peacekeeper in Latgale, where you enjoy time for yourself and your beloved. The cottage is in the curtain of the juniper alongside a picturesque lake. Natural presence, refreshing forest air, green landscape, clear blue lake.

 The junior node owners symbolize the green Latgale forests, while the berries in its branch are blue lakes. 

Nowadays, the junior node has always been in the Latgalian home because it protects from evil and unwanted.

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  • www.instagram.com/kadikisi
  • one room with a double bed;
  • boat, SUP boards;
  • cuble;
  • bicycles + photo-orientation card with 3 different routes;
  • grill, wood;
  • coffee roasted in Latgale, herbal tea;
  • cradle nets, badminton, outdoor table with benches;
  • refrigerator, vessels;
  • bedlinen;
  • table games;
  • good practice;
Address Dudari, Feimaņu pagasts, Rēzeknes novads
Coordinates 56.19671; 27.06207
Phone +371 26725327; +371 26899902
E-mail info@kadikisi.lv
Homepage www.kadikisi.lv
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