A place of relaxation for everyday life and holidays “Saulespuķe”

“Saulespuķe” (​Sunflower) – because it is yellow, radiating positive, associated with the sun, which gives warm and joy. This is how you should feel in this place - happy and carefree!

Rest area “Saulespuķe” (Sunflower) is intended for family events, picnics, parties and any other event, activities and design can also be applied. The main object of the resort is the geodome. There is also a wooden house, a sandbox, a rest corner, a photo area, football and volleyball fields, a grill and fire place, a hot tub. From early morning you can hear the chorus of frogs. Future plans are also ambitious. There is an idea to create a summer terrace on an islet in the pond - it could be a stopover for wedding guests, as wild strawberries grow and flourish in the meadow further on, and the smell of ivy smells. In the future, it is planned to renovate the premises and sauna in order to expand, but the main thing is that people come, that they have something to see and enjoy here, that those who come here feel free.

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Address Jānīši, Balbiši, Ozolaines pagasts, Rēzeknes novads
Coordinates 56.450160; 27.264200
Phone +37126445 987
E-mail saulespuke1904@inbox.lv
Homepage saulespuke-1.mozellosite.com
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