The museum of the ancient instruments and home brew (kanja) of the Gunars Igaunis. Hostel “Muzikanti”

The museum of ancient musical instruments can see several dozens of different ermoņics and garages, 12 acordeone, several mandolines, a collection of ancient battles, strain drums, kohls, various metalophones, xilophones, Latvia-specific percussions. The story of musical instruments played over the past 150 years in the territory of Latvia, as well as the history of various musical instruments - 'the way of life' until the museum came to a museum. The playback tradition is displayed, the application. The museum offers to learn how to play a fight, a tree, a cimbalus.

A musical orchestra is created under the direction of a master, where everyone plays a musical instrument. It is possible to purchase the products produced in the music workshop. The “Latvian Heritage Label” for the collection of ancient musical instruments, the traditional musicisation and the multiplication of musical instruments has been provided to the Gaunas igram. Applications for a museum of musical instruments and scholarships by phone +371 28728790 or by e-mail

A modern and attractive story of the ancient alcoholic beverage, the culinary heritage of Latgale. You can learn the history and tradition of this drink, see more than 15 distillation apparatus, prepare for different periods of time collected in the near and remote surroundings, see the path of the distillation process, hear the story of the process of cooking and have the possibility of tasting at least three types of charcoal.
"Smakouka", "mist", "goncenja", "kandza", "wife tears", "samagonka". In each side of Latvia, this drink is called differently. In order to know the history and tradition of this drink, there was a Museum of Smakoukas(home brew). The museum/private collection is a company of Latgale culinary heritage.

In the yard, swings and activities in children with parents. Wi-Fi.

In summer there are room places and rooms for supper in “Krga” (LV - pub) premises up to 20 persons. The possibility of ordering the entertainment programme “Krūga” at the premises of T. +371 26593441,

Hostel “musicians”
In the centre of the village of Gaigalava, the 2 nd floor of the housekeeper is offered home accommodation in the hostel “musicists” for 18 persons. There are two museums where you can apply for excursions - a museum of musical instruments and a Museum of Scout. A 10-minute drive with a car distance is Luban Lake, a watertown centre “beacon”, fishermen's “fishermen”, Teirumniki swamp trail.


This village (Gaigalava) lives and operates a Gunar Igaunis – a very attractive man and a passive fan of the People's music who, with his family, has also managed to take part IN THE TV show “Singing families”, as a result of which it continues to be quite intense. But it's not the main thing.

In the forest street, 2a Gaigalava found a museum of ancient museum of ancient musical instruments and a workshop. There can be a long time, because the igram is not just a great storyteller, but also brings the guests to the real Session, as it is said today. In particular, there is an opportunity to play together with the artist itself, playing a variety of musical instruments that do not appear to be a complex process at the same time. Rather, on the contrary, it was mild and pleasant. The final result is, of course, not to be compared to the folk music created by masters (the most experienced Igaunis. Gunars is the leader of the chapel “Dziga”, whose records can be bought on the spot). But it sounds much better than he can imagine.
Gunars also knows about any of the acordeonists, ermoņics, battles, mandolines, coaches, bungings, and all of them that have been built for six years. Not all instruments are in the game, but there is much to be restored, and the Gunars also makes new instruments, such as new ones.
As the charismatic Latgalis itself emphasises, particularly welcome families with children, because special amusement is guaranteed.
Kaspars Zavileiskis, 2011 18 May
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Address Meža street 2a, Gaigalava, Gaigalavas civil parish, Rezekne municipality
Coordinates 56.7339604; 27.0702624
Phone +371 28728790, +371 26593441
E-mail, (naktsmītnēm)
Other info. 18 beds in the hostel
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