Honey "Medus foļvarka"

In the rural environment of Latgale, where peaceful rest meets the energy of the apiary and the fresh air of Lake Rāzna, the summer residence of the nobles, called folvarka, built in 1875, has turned from an old wooden half-manor into a modern bee pavilion.
Experience: a fascinating story about the biology of the bee colony, the opportunity to see the queen bee, watch the craft in the beekeeper's workshop and taste various beekeeping products. At the end, enjoy freshly baked pancakes with buttered honey, the opportunity to buy organically certified beekeeping products.

A visit to with tasting costs 4.5 euros per person, but the minimum tour fee is 25 euros. The tour is free for regular honey buyers. The owners will be waiting for you in the summer evenings, when the bees become calmer and the whole apiary is healthy.

Request for pre-registration.

Address Zaļie Batņi, c.Batņi, Kaunatas pagasts, Rēzeknes novads
Coordinates 56.349368; 27.551265
Phone +371 29235941, +371 26247534
E-mail folvarka@gmail.com
Homepage www.facebook.com/folvarka
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