Bikova Manor

The name Bikova is mentioned in the chronicle from the 17 th century. In the manor complex was the house of the lord and the free design park, which contained a wall of stone chapel, manager and servant built in 1820, several housekeepers and stables. 20 th century. In the 20 th – 30 s, after the 1905 fire, the house was restored and built on the second floor. Since 1937, the estate is located AT Gaigalavas primary school. The story of the old gentleman's house is that there are several secret passageways underneath the church and the graves. Architectural monument of local significance.

Address Gaigalava (Bikova), Gaigalavas pagasts, Rēzeknes novads
Coordinates 56.7412255; 27.0537291
Phone +371 64644537
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