Where the Maltese river flows, the starters and the Latgale podiers are generations of generations.

Total length: approximately 80 km
Duration: approximately 12-14 hours (depending on the viewing and leisure time)

Day I

  1. Luznava – Manor Manor and Park
  2. Vertebra - former site of manor and bathing site in lakes
  3. Roman Catholic and Orthodox Church
  4. Malta - respectable Latgale response to a Mediterranean island
  5. Silmala - Latgale Old Believers' village ON the river Maltas
  6. Chiefs - Old Believers' Godhouse
  7. Silaiana - Latgale pottery benchmark
  8. Antelope grave - Latgale ceramic necropolis
  9. Accommodation in tents at Lake Feimaņu

 Day II

  1. Feimaņi - rich sakrālais heritage and flag workshop
  2. Blame - ancient Old Believers' village with a new prayer house
  3. Lean swamp - blackberry and cranberry
  4. Chernoste – bathing site at lake with lonely island
  5. White water mills
  6. Leimaniski - Maltas River Valley Panorama
  7. Faucet - ancient time clan
  8. Luznava - return to the starting point of the journey

A local route from Lūznavas to the west, first followed BY Maltas for the rivers of the river, and then in a flat flat flat. The far west point of the route is the homicide of many famous Latgale ceramics, Silaiani, where the road turns south and then to the east, once again at Latgale High Street, this time in the picturesque Feimaņu hill, where the ancient people of the Catholic and Old Believers are living in a friendly fashion.

The average difficulty level route is characterised by both terrain climb and drops and relatively flat road sections. Road surface: predominantly gravel, locally with sand and olives. In the dry time the Trepe is present, dust may also occur. However, approximately 30 % of the total length of the track is made up of asphalt, which makes it easier to travel and enjoy the landscape.


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