The temptation of the seven hills

Total length: approximately 90 km
Duration: approximately 14-16 hours (depending on the viewing and leisure time)

Day I

  1. Luznava – Manor Manor and Park
  2. Ismers - Old Believers' prayer house
  3. Eaves - traditional cultural landscape of Old Believers
  4. Rachina - Old Believers' prayer house
  5. Janopole - former manor and park
  6. Rezekne – city in Latgale heart
  7. Adamov – former Manor and Lake Adamovas
  8. Balls - guest house Azarrosti or Sarkaņkalns (overnight)

 Day II

  1. Loboges - Manor Park with historical buildings
  2. Palm-rock and ceramic Victor Pankov workshop
  3. Anchupan mountains - World War II Memorial and view tower
  4. Spanjans - Rēzekne River Valley Panorama
  5. Spring Full Scale
  6. Overturned bridge
  7. Spring lake - popular bathing site
  8. Rotating - rectifying rural landscape of melioration and modern agrotechnics
  9. Luznava - return to the starting point of the journey

A local route from Luznava to the northern side, after some time, brings to Rezekne, a city in the heart of Latgale, sometimes called Latgale's heart. The traveller sees a wide and diverse panorama of blue lakes, which includes both Latgale Hills and Burzava River and Rēzekne River. The landscape of the Aamovo lake north of the city of Rezekne, where accommodation is also provided, is particularly valuable.

Intermediate difficulty level route – it is characterised by severe terrain climb and drops, road surface – predominantly gravel, locally with sand saturation. In the dry period, Trepe is present and there is an increased dusty caused by road transport. However, approximately 40 km or 45 % of the track-length road surface is made up of asphalt that facilitates driving and the surrounding landscape. Several sections of the trace are even very attractive to toughened towlers.



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