“Lauku garša”

Offers home-produced cakes, cakes and desserts by individual order (parties, events, conferences etc.), creative workshops.

Here is an opportunity to spend your free time actively and usefully with friends, family members or other like-minded people - cook some of the sweet treats under the guidance of the hostess, enjoy them with aromatic herbal teas and honey products collected in an ecological environment.

The production of cakes and various confectionery has always been a heartbeat and a true satisfaction that for some time the hobby has grown up.

According to the range of services offered, you can select your preferred and contact your business:

  • preparation of cakes and different confectionery by individual order;
  • creative workshops for the preparation of various confectionery products;
  • tasting of beekeeping products;
  • exploratory excursion - a walk with several historical and modern attractions in Bērzgale parish.
Address Rītupes iela 37, Bērzgale, Bērzgales pagasts, Rēzeknes novads
Coordinates 56.625312; 27.515602
Phone +371 26551171
E-mail zigrida.vasilkova@inbox.lv
Homepage www.facebook.com/LaukuGarsaLatgalesSirdi
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