Winners of the competition “Rezekne Municipality”

On 19 March, the Latvian Embassy of Latgale “GORS” took place in Rēzekne Municipality Day and awards of the competition “Rezekne District Company”.

As the chairman OF the Rēzekne District Council OF Monvīds Švarcs said, the concert hall “GORE” was chosen because its capacity allows one of the largest and best businessmen of Rezekne to be brought together: “If we have been able to invite 300 entrepreneurs in the cultural houses so far, we can take“ Thank you! ”for almost a thousand poorest workers.“ M. Schwartz thanked the businessmen for their bustness and economic grasp: "you, entrepreneurs, are content for the local government and the country. In the absence of your courage, persistence, patience and susceptibility, we would not be our own because the local government is nothing if there is no economic activity. 'Latvian Agriculture Minister Janis Duklavs also added:“ thanks not only to entrepreneurs, but also to their employees who fill the ideas and dreams of entrepreneurs and, together with their employers, obtain excellent results, which we can enjoy in these businessmen festivals. So that entrepreneurs continue to be responsible for their work and become stronger and more powerful every year!'

The competition “Rezekne Municipality” is one of the business support measures organised by the municipality of Rezekne for a third year to promote the development of the business environment, employment, attractiveness and public activity. In order to determine the best and most successful workers, in autumn 2014, the Commission visited 29 candidates for their economic activities in the territory of Rezekne District. The Commission assessed both the quality and diversity of the product or service offered in the company, the attraction of investments, the creation of the site, the creation of new jobs and other criteria. Businessmen were assessed by the Chairman OF the Permanent Committee on Development, Planning, Economy, Environment and Infrastructure of the municipality of Rezekne, Kaspars Melnis, Head of the Development Planning Division Inga Zapāne, representative of the Business Advisory Council and Head of the Rēzekne City, Rezekne and Viļānu District Tourism Information Centre, Ligita Harčevska, Rēzekne High School representative Iveta Mietule, Member of Rezekne District Council Aivars Buharins and Rikavas parish administration head Andrejs Tsarud.

The winners of the competition received a special award – a design object that reflected the bright and complex road to success. Alexander Rezvov, a graduate of the High School of Arts and Design of Rezekne, was developing the idea of prize as his diplomat, while Norbert Kudins had sold the idea to the metal in the last two years. With the concert after the solemn ceremony, the businessmen were welcomed by Maria Naumova.


Annual cultural mecenate: Solveiga Gulau (Bērzgales civil parish). Solveiga Gulau donated a significant amount of Bērzgales Iu in 1776. Anne Roman Catholic Church tower repair. It should be noted that the church of the Renaissance Style is a Bērzgales card, which serves not only as a place of faith, but also as a cultural centre where children of children have had the opportunity to enjoy a variety of classical music concerts.

New company: SIA “Podusta” (Ozolmuižas civil parish, owner Aiga Dātava). She has been working for 12 years, but she has created her company two years ago. Unlike most of the ceramic, Aiga does not wear his works, but he is sticky with his hands. Aiga does not only do dishes, but also clay games, jewels and souvenirs, who have already been able to conquer the hearts of unusual design objects.

For the nomination, “the new company” was also raised:

  • SIA “LN DEMO” (Dricānu civil parish, owner Lilita Neparte),
  • ZS “Atvari” (Nagļu civil parish, owner Sandris Paplavskis),
  • ZS “liepziedi” (Stoļerovas civil parish, owner Janis Arbidan).

Annual tourism service provider: SIA “GREEN ISLAND R” (Griškānu civil parish, owners Rita and Viktors steel).
The guest house, “Green Island”, was started by the Rēzekne team seven years ago. At this time, thousands of Latgale travellers were accommodated in the guest house, hundreds of wedding and party tables, and countless camps and seminars. The guest house is a gold member of the association “rural traveller” and an active member of the Latgale culinary heritage network.

The nomination “annual tourism service provider” was also raised:

  • ZS “Ezerkrasti” (Čornajas civil parish, owners Erik Vish with daughter Santa),
  • ZS “Jānis” (Feimaņu civil parish, Jānis and Silvija Mežinski),
  • ZS “SELENA 2003” (Kaunatas civil parish, owners Anatolijs and Jelena Pleščinski),
  • Recreational place “lovely Razna” (Mākoņkalna civil parish, owner of Evita),
  • ZS “mountains” (Ozolmuižas civil parish, owner Aivars Kjakste).

Official of the year: Aivars Ushmis (parish Maltas parish). Aivars Ushmis is one of the podiers of the Pudnament Square. In his work, Aivars uses the accumulated knowledge of ancestors and is used for humans or environmentally friendly technologies. Most of his works are made in the smoke or black ceramic technique. As a landlord, if his swirling pots were assembled by another, it would be seven kilometres long. Together with their spouses, they have recorded a beautiful rural sētu “Malny Wylky”, where visitors can see both a wide collection of antiques and Aivars ceramics and cool paintings, and try to hand a hand to the podman's wheel.

The nomination “annual craftsman” was also raised:

  • ZS “Lazdins” (Dricānu civil parish, owners Normunds Mozgis and Inga Nagle),
  • Ruth Ranāne (Lendžu civil parish),
  • Edgars Matisans (Sakstagala civil parish),
  • ZS “Apkalnhouse” (Vērēmu civil parish, owners Irene Baufale and Peteris Reiniks).

Introduction of annual innovative products/services: Green grain (Sakstagala civil parish). Zaiga Graudiņa has created a seedling nursery “Sakstagals”, which cultivates almost a thousand different ornamental trees and bushes, as well as more than 500 different types of ornamental plants and berries. Zaiga is doing significant work to adapt exotic plants to the climatic conditions of Latvia. Shoppers from all Latvia are transported to Signagala after rare and unusual plants.

The nomination “annual innovative product/service implementer” was also raised:

  • RSEZ SIA “LEAX Rēzekne” (Ozolaines civil parish, manager Gints Jahuks).

Annual company – VIP: ZS “Typtops” (Kaunatas civil parish, owner Janis Kuzminsky). THE main activity of “Tiptops” is carpentry and tourism, but in the last few years special emphasis is placed on the production of electric guitars. It is a unique and unreproducible hand-to-hand work that has been favorited by many professional musicians as a result of the interesting design and excellent sound. Guitars are made from trees growing in the Razna National Park area, which are carefully selected. As the master says, “before felling, i tell the tree that it will be not simply stolen and heated, but will be born as a musical instrument to live forever.” With his spouse, Aija is an active community-based society of Kaunatas, as well as various events, projects and activities and supporters.

Largest employer: RSEZ SIA “LEAX Rēzekne” (Ozolaines civil parish, manager Gints Jahuks). “LEAX Rezekne” represents one of the LEAX Group metalworking companies in Latvia. LEAX Rēzekne produces high-quality metal parts for mining and mechanical engineering (Volvo, Scania) companies. In 2013 and 2014, the company made several million investments, expanding production facilities, as well as installing metal hardening furnaces, post-processing equipment and a modern metallurgical laboratory. As a result of enlargement, 20 new jobs have been created in the company. In total, more than 130 employees are currently employed in the company.

For the nomination, the “largest employer” was also raised:

  • RSEZ SIA “Verems” (Vērēmu civil parish, Chairman of the Board Janis Staris).

In the nomination of prizes, “annual company” received 3 Rēzekne Municipalities this year: ZS “Lukstinkēvičs”, SIA “SPRUŽEVA M”, RSEZ SIA “Verems”.

ZS “Lukstinkēvičs” (Ozolmuižas civil parish, owners Ivars and Ruth Kipuri). “Luxury houses” shall be managed by 120 ha of agricultural land in which potatoes, carrots, beet, bulbs, tomatoes and cucumbers are grown. In order to maintain the production as natural as possible, fertilizers and plant protection products are used minimally in the farm. “Luxury” potatoes and vegetables are delivered to several educational establishments in Rezekne municipality, Ludza, Varakļana municipality and others.

SIA “SPRUŽEVA M” (Griškānu civil parish, Chairman of the Board Pavel black). More than 1650 hectares of agricultural land are processed in the enterprise. There are more than 1100 bovine animals in the holding, including 700 dairy cows. Approximately 70 people are employed in the company. SIA “SPRUŽEVA M” is actively involved in the implementation of European Union projects – the latest projects are the creation of a farm farm and biogas production facility.

SIA “Verems” (Vērēmu civil parish, Chairman of the Board Janis Staris). A subsidiary of Latvijas Finieris. “Veream” is the largest industrial company in Rezekne municipality. The company was founded in 1996 as a shopping point for veneer in Rezekne. Since 2007, “Verems” deals with the production of large-format birch plywood exported to EU countries, Japan and THE US. The company can reasonably be called a strain in the development of unique products and technologies, such as the “Verems”, and produces the largest single-piece birch plywood with a size of 7 x 13 feet (2.29 x 4 metres). Since 2001, the amount of funds invested in the company amounts to LVL 49 million. EUR. It should be noted that “Verems” is also a socially responsible company that organises “forest day” in collaboration with other woodworking companies and municipalities, during which they are planted in Rezekne municipality. As the most recognized company in Latgale region, “Verems” is included in “Latgale Lingvoterritorial Dictionary”.

The nomination “annual company” also had:

  • ZS “Maris” (Ilzeskalna civil parish, owner Maris Kotane),
  • SIA “ANEL” (Kantinieku civil parish, owner Yelena Shilova),
  • ZS “Golden” (Lendžu civil parish, owner Aivars Bernans),
  • SIA “DAGAR” (Lendžu civil parish, executive director Imants Zagorskis),
  • Gunārs Smeilis (Maltas civil parish),
  • EVERY “IZIDORI” (Pušas civil parish, owner Valdis Zujs),
  • SIA “Baiba” (Stoļerovas civil parish, board members Imants Karaševskis and Dainis Katkovskis).

In the event of the event, the Rēzekne municipality has also thanked the invited guests:

  • Minister of Agriculture Janis Duklavs A thank-you article for the contribution to the development of the agricultural sector was provided BY SIA “joint work” (Stoļerovas civil parish, Chairman of the board of directors Peter Karaceyev) and ZS “Salmaņi” (Rikavas civil parish, owner Jānis Salmans), who, according to the information available in the register of companies, is the farm holding registered in the territory of Rezekne (registered 10.4.1991), which is still active.
  • Marika Zeimule and advisor Egils Helmanis, head of the Office for Environmental Protection and Regional Development A thank-you article was given BY RSEZ SIA “Verems”.
  • Director of the Rural Support Service Anna wiltola-Helviga appreciation of THE ZS “cherries” (Lendžu parish, owner Dmitry Pavlov), who cares for 17 hectares of fruit trees, supplying almost 20 fruit fruit in the “School Fruit” programme.
  • Mārtiņš Cimermanis, Chairman of the Board of the Latvian Centre for Rural Consultation and Education it was performed BY ZS “atvari” (Nagļu civil parish, owner Sandris Paplavskis).
  • Director of State Employment Agency Inese Kalvāne a thank-you article for the municipality of Rezekne was given as a successful and professional collaboration in promoting employment, while SNA Rēzekne branch manager Inara Shindariova a successful collaboration was thanked BY ZS “inventories” (Nagļu civil parish, owners Aigars and Dace Stikani).
  • “Latvian State Forests” head of the North Latgale Forestry Region Viktors Reblis a successful collaboration was thanked by the “chip PV” (Kaunatas civil parish, member of the board of directors Pēteris Katkovskis), who provided services for the Latvian State Forests by approximately 2 million lats. EUR.
  • Vita Pučka, Head of Latvian Development Financial Institution ALTUM the gratitude for successful cooperation was expressed BY SIA “Podusta” (Ozolmuižas civil parish, owner Aiga Dātava), ZS “Ezerkrasti” (Čornajas parish, owners Erik Vish with daughter Santa), ZS “zelmeņi” (Lendžu civil parish, owner Aivars Bernans) and SIA “NOOK serviss” (Vērēmu civil parish, Chairman of the board of directors Aivars Kļaviņš).
  • “Swedbank” Head of the Rēzekne branch Jelena Pentjugova and business customer service manager Evita Bacule-Trečilov thanks to the long-standing co-operation partners RSEZ SIA “Verems” and ZS “zelmeņi”.
  • The largest co-operation partners were also performed BY THE Head of the “Rēzekne Dzirnavnieks” Arvds Zelch and the Deputy Director of THE Northern Region of BTA Rita Kurmeikova.


Madara Laksa,
Public relations specialist of the municipality of Rezekne

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