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On Monday, 27 May, the fourth application for the European Union (EU) Foundation for the Improvement of Professional Competency of Employees, which is implemented by the National Education Development Agency (VIAA), was opened. The number of programmes presented this year, compared to 2018, has grown twice, and workers aged 25 years have an opportunity to choose from nearly 800 educational programmes. The application for training takes place by 28 June and can be made online for the first time
Broader learning opportunities
The fourth round of application has significantly increased the range and diversity of learning. Training in 12 economic sectors offers 82 educational institutions throughout Latvia. For the first time, there are also 29 learning modules of different vocational education modules necessary for professional activity in the selected sector. In this round, the offer also includes training in 8 Lifelong Learning Competencies in collaboration with vocational education institutions and entrepreneurs.
For the first time in the project, login is online on the website, using authentication and e-service at any time of day. Citizens no longer need to send an e-mail application or go to an educational institution.
All mācību and login take place HERE
Training may be applied to employed and self-employed persons aged 25 years to less, including young parents on parental leave, while maintaining employment relationships and working pensioners. Every working person in this project can once.
Learning offer in collaboration with employers
“Targeted and planned adult learning” is one of the solutions for labour market challenges, so the list of training in each round is taking into account the labour market forecasts of the Ministry of Economics and Welfare and employers' recommendations in order to reduce the shortage of skilled workhands and the ageing of the workforce in key sectors of the economy. In the past three years of the project, 17 thousand employees have been involved, ”emphasizes SIA Director Dita Traidas.
In order to motivate workers to learn, the project covers most of the training costs OF EU funds and the country, while the population must provide a CO-payment OF 10%, which can also be paid by the employer. In non-formal education programmes, which are the most recent lessons in the project, the total amount of the citizen's co-payment is 36 euros, while in longer education programmes where the profession can be obtained, it may also be a number of hundreds of euros.
Low-income and poor training is free of charge and these groups of citizens can also receive support for regional mobility - compensation for transport costs if such expenditure is incurred during training. Workers with disabilities may, on the other hand, qualify for reimbursement of the costs of the assistant or surrogate interpreter during the course of the training.
In cases where workers need information support for the choice of the most suitable learning or the possibility of applying for online learning, we call on adult education coordinators 82 VIAA cooperation municipalities. The training application may also be drawn up in the SVIAA, in pre-logging and presenting a personal identification document. On the other hand, 28 employees of the State Agency of Employment may receive a career advice.
More information on reception conditions, learning and support options, as well as the list of all mācību is published on the project website
12 thousand lessons have already been completed
Since the start of the project, three applications have been launched in 2017, where more than 17 000 workers have been training, of which more than 12 000 education has already been completed. 32% is the age of 45 years and 20% over 50 years. 31% is a student and 69% lives outside the capital. In total, 36 thousand employees are planned to be involved in the project by 2022.
The aim of THE EU Foundation for the Adult Education of Employees is to improve the professional competence of employed persons in order to prevent labour market mismatches in labour market demand and to promote both the competitiveness of workers and the increase in labour productivity. The project is financed by the European Social Fund and the Latvian state, investing more than eur 25 million in it.
Gunita Weismane,
project Coordinator
Tel.: 20214720
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