15 May – International Water Security Day

On 15 May, an international water safety day is celebrated, the main objective of which is to increase global awareness of drowning and prevention, as well as to educate various types of society about safety at water bodies and on water. 

Similarly, on May 15, a bathing season is opened in Latvia, where each of them should re-examine the current information regarding safe bathing and rest at water bodies, verify their knowledge and restore them if necessary. It is a very important task for adults to transfer and teach these knowledge and habits to children and young people. 

Alarming is the fact that 89 children under 19 years of age have drowned in Latvia from 2013 to 2021, most of whom are 15 to 19 years of age (36 drowned) and children under 4 years of age (25 drowned). Data indicate that children are often drowned in open water bodies. In the period 2013-2021, 23 children were drowned in the pond, 19 children, but 8 children at sea. A newer child drowning site is often found in both the outdoor and indoor basins or the unrestricted water body.  

It is equally important to prevent inadvertent injuries during the bathing season. Statistics show that 61 people diagnosed in 2020 with resting on water or in water. The most injuries are persons aged 35-39 (17 persons) and 15-24 years (16 persons), and men are more often affected. 

The leap on the head in the water is one of the most common causes of spine injury and often ends with drowning or severe injury, affecting the ability of the person to carry out movements and self-care, causing irreversible changes in the quality of life. In a lighter case, bruising, deforestation, brain shock, open wounds, and severe spine fractures with long-lasting effects, including disability, are likely to occur in severe cases. 

Everyone should be aware of the consequences of unintentional action and should remember the basic principles to be respected in order to protect themselves and others. 

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