15 parish young people completed their training cycle in six training programmes offered by THE LSK Rezekne Committee


Social Department

On December 12, 2015, the last of six themes for youth training in the project “Education of young people” organised by the Rēzekne Committee of Latvia with funding from the municipality of Rezekne was held.

The first lesson “healthy lifestyle” took place in April of that year, where young people were educated in theory, as well as practical activities in healthy nutrition, food awareness and active sports activities. Rēzekne's high school lecturers Nellie Kivkuchāne and Aivars Kaupuja took lessons.

After the summer holidays, young people were reassembled to commence the history of the big training cycles in red cross and the history of Latvia's red cross, the basic principles, first aid – lecture Gunta Krukovsky. Young people were able to participate in practice sessions and provide first aid to a person who was in trouble. Similarly, all young people were taken excursions to the Rēzekne Brigade Office. The medical practitioner, Inara Tirole, was happy to tell the service functions, introduced the staff's job duties, showed an operational unit.

The theme of the next lesson – non-violent communication, humanity and discrimination. In order to promote the sympathy of young people and to reduce the indifference, the lecturer Dina Screbinska worked with young people in practical terms, making it possible for them to go deeply in addressing these problems.

In the final theme, “sexual health” had led to lectors from the organization's fern flower – Gatis cook and Rita Kuarrow – to introduce young people to one of several directions of activity – the training of young people. Young people recognise that the rights and needs of young people are closely linked to all areas of sexual and reproductive health (SRV) and that the reproductive health of young people requires a special approach.

The lecturers presented to young people that the youth health and education centre provides health prevention and education services to young people. In the course of lectures, young people introduced a peer-to-peer educational programme, telling them that there was a non-spot consultation (hot mail) and shared information costs. At the time of the lecture, the topics of interest to young people were considered as contraception, whether i am ready for it/a, dependency etc.

On December 12, a final event was held when young people were given evidence of participation in youth training and various promotional gifts – LSK calendar, T-shirts with SK, pens, reflectors and badges.

The project included 15 young people from seven parishes – Audriņu, Sakstagala, Kaunatas, Čornajas, Maltas, Ozolaines, Griškānu.

In conclusion, anonymous questionnaires of young people took place. Young people rated training with 5 parties (from 1-5 scale). The most interesting topics noted by young people with the highest rating were sexual health, first aid, non-violent communication. All parish young people are prepared to take THE youth of THE LSK youth Rēzekne department in their schools or youth centres in order to continue their cooperation. Many are prepared to set up their parish LSK youth chapters to educate their peers about topics of interest.

Young people also expressed their willingness to deepen knowledge in topics such as the first aid, THE history of LSK, non-violent communication and sexual health. Young people in this training cycle gained new knowledge, experience, information that would be useful in practical life situations, new friends, fun companies, and everyone appreciated that this time was useful.

LSK Rēzekne Executive Director Gunta Krukovsky

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