We call on adults to participate in activities to reduce muscle and skeletal disease!

The project “lives healthy in Rezekne District!” as part of the Rēzekne municipality's municipality with the month of February of that year is offered to participate in the activities of musculoskeletal disorders. These activities are managed by certified sports specialists employed by the “Multifunctional Support and Growth Centre” “SkalaDar”. Lessons will be organized remotely, i.e. in online mode, one-off duration of 45 minutes, a total of 15 lessons.

The aim of the activities is to improve general mental and physical health and to change the daily habits. During the sessions, the physical strength of the participants will be strengthened, the interest of an active lifestyle and the joy of the movement will be encouraged by teaching a simple, daily exercise complex to strengthen all muscle groups.

Lessons will be organized, taking into account the wishes of the group of participants (exercises for the specified group of muscles, exercises in sitting workers, etc.), including activities will be organised so that persons employed (early morning, evening or holidays) can also participate in them. All wishes are to be reconciled. The schedule of activities for each month will be available on the homepage of the local government.

First lesson:

  • Kaunatas parish alliances - 18.02.2021. from 12.02.2021. 18.00 to 18.45
  • Dricānu parish alliances - 18.02.2021. from 12.02.2021. 18:55 to 19:40;
  • Maltas parish alliances - 16.02.2021. from plkst. 18:55 to 19:40;
  • Nautrēnu for the people of the parish association – 16.02.2021. from plkst. 18:00 to 18:45

We invite you to log in electronically by 15 February! 

  • Kaunatas parish associations are logged in  HERE or at the coordinator Aija Kuzminska, Tel. 29474627;
  • Dricānu parish associations are logged in HERE or at the coordinator Marika Scabbard, Tel. 22311127;
  • Maltas parish associations can be logged in electronically HERE or at the coordinator Aivars Mežatucha, 22013477;
  • Nautrēnu parish associations can be logged in electronically HERE or at the coordinator Christine Rimsha, 26466734.

“Actions for the reduction of muscles and skeletal diseases in adults” take place on the project “live healthy in Rezekne District” by the municipality of Rezekne. No The project is financed by the European Social Fund.

Nathalie Bernanne,
Rezekne municipality project “Live healthy in Rezekne District!”


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