Guided mamanet tournament “ladies can!”



A mamanet tournament with 8 teams from Rēzekne District, Ropazi, Balvi, Viesīte and Daugavpils took place under the same name on May 5.
The teams were divided into two groups. Ladies played 2 six to 15 points. In the event of a non-divorce, it was decided that the final point or “gold point” would be played.
In the semi-final of the group, the two Rēzekne province teams were both “no-E 1” and “mA-ladies 1”. In sub-group B, the first two locations won “pearls” and “beautiful” (Ropaji).
In the first game, “No-E 1” was met against the strong team of Ropaja, who won 3 rd place in The Latvian championship. By showing a very good game, however, the Rēzekne county team gave up the “beautiful” 2-0. In memory, the strong, powerful attacks of our player, Agnes, with whom the “loud” protection was harmed.
In the second semi-final, “mA – ladies 1” played against “pearls”. Strong service, a good attack, excellent protection – these were things that formed the persuasive victory over the Viesel team.

The 3 rd place was won by a “no-E 1” team who won “pearls” in an interesting match.
The final game, like a real sweet food, took place between “mA-ladies 1” and “beautiful”. The first Seth was won by the Rēzekne District. There was a loss in the second. Everything was broken by a “gold dot.” Our girls were more successful this time.
The “mA - ladies 1” team was represented by Zane Buharina, Guna Zenchenko, Ilona Vorobjova, Maria Petrova, Nadzejda Rushel, League Spring, coach Oscar Krukovsky.
The tournament “ladies can!” was organized BY “LATGOLYS VONOGI” in collaboration with the municipality of Rezekne.

Oscars Krukovskis

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