Approved nature conservation plan of the Nature Park “Adamovas lake”


Nature conservation

The Nature Protection Board informs that, in accordance with Order No. 1-2/54 of the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Regional Development of 13 April 2022, the nature conservation plan of the Nature Park “Aamovas lake” has been approved.

In accordance with Paragraph 39 of Cabinet Regulation No. 686 of 9 October 2007 “Regulations regarding the content and procedures for the development of a special conservation plan of a specially protected nature territory”, Paragraph 39 “Environmental Protection Board” shall place an electronic version of the plan on the website of the Administration within one month after the approval of the plan (the exception - plans approved by local governments). The Nature Protection Board shall ensure the availability of a plan (exemption - a plan approved by a local government) to the public in accordance with the laws and regulations regarding the disclosure of information. '.

The electronic version of the Nature Protection Plan is placed on the official website of the Environmental Protection Administration:, under “Nature Protection Plans”[1]. The nature conservation plan published on the official website shall be considered as a copy of the official plan.



Gita Strode
Nature Protection Departament
Director a                                                          



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