Open travel guide for families with children “duck blows”

Tourism Guide Developers

On April 1, as part of the bird days, a non-traditional tourist guide “duck blowing trip” was discovered in the information centre. It is addressed to families with pre-school children and calls for a visit to Luban Lake.

“Duck blowing journey” means a book whose main character is a stylised duck. The duck causes children to deal with a variety of thematic tasks, but the parents tell them about the offer of each of the tourist sites included in the Roadmap. In particular, the activities that the small travellers will enjoy are highlighted. The Roadmap includes 20 tourist sites located in Luban Lake, Luban, Gaigalava, Burzpils, Viļānos and Varakans.

Every discovery of the event had an opportunity to win his bird cage. During the opening event, the visitor's erudition was also examined, as questions were asked about the tourism objects included in the roadmap. The visitors went to play, the musical accompaniment was handled by Berzpils folklore “Saivenis”.

The tourism guide is available in tourism information centres, farms and tourist sites included in the book. By visiting tourist objects, the active and luck can climb into the big flame, hide in the mirror closet, search for the rolls in the ghost house, try to scare the ostrich and find out if the turtle can fly. The emerging scientists and researchers will be able to play natural bingo, produce sheets of hemp paper, with telescopes, or participate in a photo-sensing laboratory. Athletic adventurers – shooting with a circle, throwing the flying plates into the target and driving with children's quasi-cyclists. The communicative and creative children will have the opportunity to feed the styles, play musical instruments and create clay pieces as well as build their own bird cages.

The tourist guide “duck blowing journey” and the opening event are in collaboration with tourism specialists of the municipality of Madona, Rezekne, Awards and Varakalans. The designer in the Roadmap and the cover designer are the League Romanchuk.

Prepared by: July Jurane, Public relations specialist of the municipality of Rezekne

Photo: Dāvis Veckalnins

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