“Audio-video Laboratory” has been implemented for a second year in Bērzgales primary school premises.


For young people

The “audio-video Laboratory” programme is offered to young people in Berzgale as a result of the “development of the“ sound lab ”of the Latvian music group“ no VAT ”in Rēzekne District.
Young people are actively using both the possibilities of the test room – the vocal-instrumental anchor “Keysel” has also been created and also actively engages in the creation and processing of sound recordings.
Bērzgales “sound laboratory” is also used by other Latgalian musicians, during the year in the studio the records have been performed by groups of music such as “School 5c”, Vincent Kokoy, “Weird Wednesdays”, “rikis”, “Current musykanti”, “Saļnevas danu musykanti”, Arnis Slobožaņins, “Gondrij 10 nna”, “Jezups i muosys”, “No VAT” etc.
The purpose of the project is to acquire the necessary equipment and technical support for the establishment of sound recordings/attempts for the establishment of the Rēzekne municipality IN THE parish OF Bērzgales and integrating the acquisition of music and sound-related skills in the learning process of the school education system.
Total funding for purchase of equipment 4961 Ls. 90 % project funding was supported by the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development, LEADER programme administered by the Rēzekne District Partnership, 10 % Rēzekne municipality and own funds.
As a result OF the project, a studio/rehearsal studio has been created in two premises of THE elementary school OF Bērzgales. The project acquired sound recorder and processing equipment and computer hardware – computer with sound recorder and processing software, studio monitors, microphones, mixer console, sound card, guitar amplifier, midi keyboard, drum kit, and simplified renovation of space (adjusting space sound insulation and absorbing for sound recordings).
Guntis Rasim

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