Digital experiment in design



The “design”, professional bachelor study programme “design” of the Rēzekne Technology Academy (RTA), the professional bachelor study programme “interior design”, as well as the students of the first level vocational higher education programme “clothing design and technology” for the students of the doctors – RTA physical process and laser technology research centre (FPLPC) Laboratory Anton Pazynski, the “clothing design and technology” Director of Silvija Mežinska and the programme “interior design” Director Diana Apeles – in the end of the year, experimented in the field of digital art, developing artistic and functional light objects, clothes and accessories design solutions in the final result.
In the early stages of the project, research students on the origins and current events of laser technologies were guided by Prof. PHD Lubomir Lazovs from Bulgaria, THE leading researcher of RTA FPLPC with 40 years of material laser processing experience, the author of publications, the head of dissertation. FPLPC leader Dr. phys., Pavel narica explained the role of laser technology in many of the sectors of the modern economy.
Using laser-processing technologies, various experiments with varied materials — plastic, wood, paper, plastics, foam, glass, textile fabrics and natural skin — were carried out under the guidance of doctors. The works developed in the final were designed as projects, as an experimental process, with theoretical research of the idea, using graphic computer programs, as well as involving industry experts – engineers in the implementation of works.
The Digital Art Project “European Connections in Digital Arts – EUCIDA” is a platform for interdisciplinary experiments, research, development of common non-traditional ideas, creation of new works. The fact that the visual content of the work is editable and can be restored as necessary is essential.
The exhibition “digital experiment design” shows the experimental results of clothing designers and accessories in natural skin laser labelling, forming a decorative theme garment collection “sketch” in material, textile fabric and natural skin laser cutting, complementing both decorative and functional accessories. Similarly, the exhibition shows the light objects developed by students of the bachelor programme “interior design” – both floor lighting, table lamps and cardboard lights. The design of light objects mainly as a raw material used plastic (acrylic) in white, black and transparent, as well as wood material - plywood in a natural tone. All students and doctors of THE RTA design study programmes involved in the project were agreed by the experiment's spirit in the design field for engineers and designers. Thank you for this opportunity for the project “European Connections in Digital Arts – EUCIDA”, particularly for Inta Rimonne, thank you for collaborating ON R & D physical process and laser technology research centres, as well as all stakeholders involved in the project! Unknown absorption: this is a kind of art and science synthesis. Why would it not be a digital art?
THE exhibition of RTA student works “digital experiment in design” AT Lūznavas in the exhibition hall of the estate in the basement of the manor is to be viewed by 13 June.
Inviting us to enjoy our experimental work together, Diana Apele, Sylvia Meginsky and Anton Package
Mara Justa photo
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