A digital Covid-19 certificate can also be received at five customer service centres in Rezekne

People who do not use the Internet or who do not have access to the website www.covid19sertifikats.lv, their digital Covid-19 certificate of vaccination, laboratory testing or Covid-19 may be received at all 93 national administration centres (CAC), including five centres in Rēzekne municipality: Dricans, Kaunas, Malta, Nautrene parish in Rogovka and Vilnius. Note that the Rēzekne municipality is located in the municipality of Rēzekne, the release alley 95A, such service is not available.

In Rezekne, his Covid-19 certificate may be obtained:

Dricana State and Local Government Client Service Center (Dricana VPVKAC)
Address: Last house, Dricans, Dricana civil parish, Rezekne municipality, LV-4615
Phone: 66954871
Email: dricani@pakalpojumucentri.lv

Kaunatas State and municipalities in the single customer service centre (Kaunatas VPVKAC)
Address: Raznas street 38, Kaunata, Kaunata civil parish, Rezekne municipality, LV-4622
Phone: 66954872
Email: kaunata@pakalpojumucentri.lv

Maltese State and Local Government Joint Customer Service Centre (Maltese VPVKAC)
Address: Freedom Street 6, Malta, Maltese civil parish, Rezekne municipality, LV-4630
Phone: 66954873
Email: malta@pakalpojumucentri.lv

Rogovka VPVKAC (Rogovka VPVKAC)
Address: Last house, Rogovka, Nautrenes civil parish, Rezekne municipality, LV-4652
Phone: 66954874
Email: rogovka@pakalpojumucentri.lv

Vilnius State and Local Government Uniform Customer Service Centre (Vilnius VPVKAC)
Address: cultural area 1a, Vilnius, Rezekne municipality, LV-4650
Phone: 66954859, 27875773
Email: vilani@pakalpojumucentri.lv

The work time OF the entire Rēzekne municipality SHALL be from Monday to Friday from 8.00 morning to 16.30 p.m. (break from 12.00 to 12.30).
The residents are invited to contact their customer service centre at first in order to find out the procedures for customer service in the Covid-19 epidemic and to make a statement. When you go to a visit, you must take a personal identification document (passport or identity card). On arrival, the form will have to be completed and signed. The Centre employee will prepare a digital Covid-19 certificate and issue it in paper format during the visit. As the Maltese Kaca said, the people are willing to use this opportunity and the Covid-19 certificates are issued to many residents of Maltese parish, Rezekne municipality and the city of Rezekne.

The issuance of certificates has also been initiated by information centres in other major cities – Jurmala, Sigulda, Jelgava, Limapos, Madona, Preilos, Saldou, Valmiera, Kraslava, Rēzekne, Daugavpils and Liepaja.

For all customer service centre phones, people can find out by phone 8989 or ask someone close to see information ON THE NVD web site www.vmnvd.gov.lv “Digital Covid-19 certificate”.

It has been reported that the use of digital Covid-19 certificates has been launched in the Republic of Latvia from 1 June. The inhabitants of their digital Covid-19 certificates of vaccination, laboratory test results or Covid-19 may be created on the web site at www.covid19sertifikats.lv by connecting to any of the www.latvija.lv portal secure access features.

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