Representatives of European countries get to know the Rēzekne municipality



At the end of July, the Rēzekne municipality in Viļānu was visited by members of THE “Volunteering Cities +” project project “Volunteering Cities +” from Greece, Cyprus, Portugal, Slovakia and Spain. Visitors, together with the MEMBERS of the Viļānu association volunteer group, talked and learned over three days about how European governments support local citizens' initiatives, thereby also contributing to participation in decision-making processes.

According to Algustrel (Portugal), a representative of the local government at Marcos Aguiar, in their municipality, at least 70 % people participate in local government elections, as only voters determine which politicians will be leading the local government in the future. 

Visitors also visited THE parish OF Dekšāres, where he met the Latvians Andris and his life-frightened Portuguese Deborah, who spoke excitedly about their experiences in the preparation of cannabis meals, the cultivation of hemp, the manufacture of hemp paper and the construction of hemp. The family has not only created a line of cannabis products called “Obelisk Farm”, but also welcomes volunteers from around the world, sharing their experience and supporting the idea that there are no unachievable dreams if there is a wish to change something in their lives. 

Other debtors, the founding members of Latgale Traditional Cultural Centre “Latgale Sate”, who offered to feel the 20 th century, also agree with this idea. In the atmosphere of the 20 s, by looking at the authentic room, the Latvian musical instruments, a collection of jewellery, reconstructed bronze-era buildings, as well as testing the cultivation of butter and the preparation of children's toys. 

The guests had a chance to learn not only about volunteering in Rezekne District, but also dancing to sing and play together with THE Viļānu cultural house chapel “Bumburneicys” and many well-known Estonian family from Rēzekne municipality OF Gaigalavas parish. 

As a member of the project, Stavroula Georgio from Cyprus added that politicians should also be more actively supported by local citizens' initiatives by organising ideas for ideas, thus encouraging people to think more about the development of their parish. After all, one encouraging hand pressure also means one voice in the election. 

At the end of August, representatives of all participating countries will go to Greece, where they will meet Adjia (Agia) the experience of the local government. The Volunteering Cities + project will continue until December 2022.


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