Honored the winners of the competition “Rezekne District Company”

For the sixth year on 19 March, sv. On the day of Joseph, the housekeeper's day, the winners of the “Rēzekne District” competition are traditionally honoured in Rēzekne municipality. This year, in Latgale Embassy, Gore was solemnly awarded prizes to entrepreneurs in eight nominations, to which 17 applicants were nominated. In the ninth nomination, the winner of the “best employer” was determined according to the State Revenue Service data and is SIA “Leax Rezekne” RSEZ.

“Year of the Year 2017” - SIA “Communist”, “Innovative Product/Services Implementer” - SIA “Gravtex”, “annual company - novada VIP (product of local identity)“ - z/s “Liv”, “year-new company” - strawberry grower will win Anins, “annual domestic producer” - IK “Yukconm”, “annual artist” - SIA “akron”, “annual family company” - z/s “flap”. In the nomination “annual tourism service provider”, the prizes were received by two tourist service providers, - z/s “Ezerkrasti” and the museum of museum of the museum of Museum, SIA “Balt Harmonia” - Gunārs igaunis. It is important that these two companies are each of their great lake, “Ezerkrasti”, on the shore of Razna, but the igram is at Luban.

Businessmen were welcomed by Agriculture Minister Janis Duklavs, Director of the State Agency for Employment (SEA) Evita Simsone, who also provided his special prizes - Minister - Luban's party tourism entrepreneurs, the wonderful Macanese family, but SEA's management was honoured BY Rikavas parish z/s “oak house” - on cooperation in the performance of employment measures.

Minister of Agriculture Janis Duklavs thanked him for the opportunity to participate in the honesty event of the Rēzekne municipality: “It is very nice that you gather together and honor your best, most successful companies. The autumn rain was a hard test for all the farmers, but they all continue to host, have not thrown the bushes in the bushes and gone away, leaving their properties. The farmer can survive in all circumstances! '

Speaking to the participants of the evening, the President OF the Rēzekne municipality, Monvīds Švarcs, said, “After good tradition today, the municipality of Rezekne brings together the businessmen that we consider most successful in 2017. Luck is not random, it is the result of a stable systemic approach, because it is clear that only a hard work, persistence, can be a basis for success. Some people say that it is not beneficial to work and perform economic activities in Latvia. But here we see people who are behind 100 and one reason, to do not do, find at least one to be active. These nominations are different - different age, scope, company size, number of employees, turnover, but there is one characteristic trend for all - the owners of these companies are smart, persistent, the workers who are employed in companies are čakli and skilled. I am delighted to welcome you today and hope that they are together, we will feel belonging to our own country, our country. Not one of you has ever thought of throwing off your hand, closing your house, and going away in a stranger. Our businesses are different - they are active in agriculture, craftsmen who provide tourism services and i am delighted, no matter how different we are, we are all the same. It is, of course, not easy for businesses to take account of the market situation, the tax burden, competition not only at local level but also on a broader scale. It happens that the hands are lowering when the expected good harvest weather conditions remain on the field. A scholar said, risking. If you risk and win, you'll be happy.“ If you're going to risk, but lose, you'll be clever. ”Rēzekne's counselors can take risks, dare, and win.“ I welcome you in the festival. ”

The head of the evaluation Commission, Chairman of the Standing Committee on Economic Development, Stanislav Skesters, said much to those companies who were willing to participate in this competition: “we left the entire municipality, the Dubuys, the Latgale highway to the Luban clan, received positive energy. The businessmen we visited were active, cheerful, ready to continue their work. There was a positive view of the future, particularly important in farms where several generations and traditions are passed down from generation to generation. Young farmers continue to start, continue with modern technologies and techniques, creating additional jobs. It is a pleasure that we go into the world, sell our things not only in Latvia but also around the world."

The event started with the new Rēzekne District Presentation video, with the motto “dance Rēzekne District” (director and operator Sergei Chaakans). The spectators rated the most beautiful places of Rezekne - Razna and Luban lakes, Lūznavas Manor, novada podiers, businessmen, and all of these in Ilmar Drail's choreography were danced by the dance collectors of Rezekne. A short video (Sergei Chakans, Dace Dambe) was produced for each of them in order to find an insight into the activities of the companies.

At the end of the year, the Commission visits the bidders to assess the activities of companies, the attraction of investments, the creation of new jobs, the quality, originality, environmental protection and other aspects of the products or services produced. The Commission's work on the evaluation of the competition was chaired by the Chairman of the Standing Committee on Economic Development Affairs of the municipality of Rezekne, Staņislavs Skesters. In 2017, the Executive Director of the Rēzekne municipality, Janis Troška, Head of Development Planning Unit Anna Jaudzema, Deputy Director of Rēzekne Technology Academy, Iveta Mietule, Member of Rēzekne District Council, Friedis Zenchenko, Audriņu parish management head Einars Aleksandrs Bindemanis and Feimaņu parish management head Anita Verčinska.

The “Rezekne Municipality” competition is one of the business support measures implemented by the municipality of Rezekne to promote the development of the business environment, employment, attractiveness and public activity. The winners of the competition receive a special award – a design object that reflects the light and also the complex road to success. Award was created by the artist Norbert Kudins, an artist of the University of Rēzekne's art and design secondary school graduate Alexander Rezvova.

The festival evening was covered by the mixed choir of Rezekne, “Ezerland” (conductor Erik Chudars), the Russian vocal studio of Rezekne, “Skonai” (manager Guntra Kuzmina-Yukna) and folk group “ores” (manager Janis Mežinskis).

Anna Rancāne, Diana Selecka

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