Viewing objects and historical persons

IN Ozolaines parish there are several attractions of cultural and natural history, and several historically important personalities have come from here:

  • Maximum sentence length exceeded. Lebanese ParkNatural monument of national significance -
  • . The history of its creation is linked to the historic estate building, which was built by Polis pans Benislavskis. The building served as a landlord and surrounded by an alley and a pond system around the Italian architect. The park area is 7,4 ha. Cultural monuments of local significance:
  • Medieval cemetery Cultural monument of local significance. Camerlegno's prayer house
  • In 1931 – 1937, he is also active in all Old Believers' festivals, as well as assisting the deaths of the deceased parish. Cultural monument of local significance – The chapel.
  • Built from stone years ago. In 2020, a study of architectural artistic and cultural history, which concluded that the building is at a high level of cultural and historical preservation, has an average degree of authenticity. The study of the chapel was necessary to find out what works and order to be carried out in order to rebuild the building and include it in the list of cultural heritage. Favorite nature view object isLake of Wave
  • , which attracts holidaymakers with beautiful nature and frequent guests, swans. Favorite tourism object is Traditaluus Zineibu turanuoju pepas Pudnament shaving driver Stanislava Viluma
  • ceramic workshop with ceramic burn cap. The ceramic works on the basis of the most ancient traditions and techniques of crafts. The vessels are burned in a sanctuary technique, with ceramic glazing using only ornaments. Ozolaines parish in Davis Village is a writer dissident Mikhail Naricas (b. 1909) In Sabeja District, died 1993 Rēzekne)museum - house
  • where the writer lived for the last years of his life. The museum was founded on 7 November 2000. The International writer Mikhail Naricas Foundation and website are established. Ozolaines parish has lived and also the Ozolain family graves have been buried in the Republic of Latvia 3 and 4. Member of the Saeima, Chairman of the Board of Rēzekne District, doctorVincent or Victory Barrot
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