Economic activity

There are several trade, timber and forestry companies in the parish area. IN Ozolaines parish, the largest companies are RSEZ SIA “LEAX Rezekne', SIA VITAL, SIA M.R.SLatgale electric assembly and ASKO SIA. The basic occupation of the population is, however, agriculture, dominated by local farms.

  • SIA “A.Y.A. Group” - tampering and needles
  • SIA ALAAS - waste management
  • Cukrasate - pottery

Mostly service area - hairdresses, shops, autoservice and repair parts, builders and wood processing.



The potter's house “Cukrasata” works after the ancient traditions of podiers. Here are authentic working conditions in the modern rural environment. The vessels are made both by hand-sticky and footed podiers and then burned in the flames of “live” flames, which are filled with wood. Their black or non-reproducible and individual black-and-silver tones, which tend to have brownish pots in the middle, are harvested as a result of the natural reduction process.

This natural process results in the life and depth of the vessel's colour, similar to the black-and-white photograph. The blessed ceramic vessels are an irreproducible result of fire and pottery. They also have a natural “smoke” as if the smell of the Black pirate, which with time, when used and washed, disappears and becomes neutral.


“Olga's cooking is so delicious that it is not possible to stop at one piece” - it is the customers of Olga Vinocho's confectionery. In private house Ozolaines parish, Becky Olga arranged a small bakery where top cakes, pies, cakes, pizza and clengers. By the way, it is Olga's baked tunnel clicker who is particularly favorite and praised. The ideas for new flavours and the design of cakes in Olga arise in the process, while the largest tasters are family-husband and sons.

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