Deksares civil parish

10460 ha

Pagasta kopējā platība

102.5 ha


4454.1 ha


4697.8 ha

l/s izmantojamā zeme


Iedzīvotāju skaits (uz 01.01.2022)

By the end of the second World War, the parish area of Decreres was part of the Varakalans parish. In 1975, the village of Atspuk was added to it in the course of administrative territorial rearrangements.

The parish of Decire is located in the eastern Latgale region: its northern part - in the plain of Luban, southern part - in the plain of Jersica. The parish is crossed by motorway Moscow - Riga and railway line Moscow - Riga, in addition, the Varakalans railway station is located in Dekshores parish.

Two small rivers are flowing in the parish plains - Malmute and Kažava. 

There are several important natural and historical monuments in the parish:

  • 7-15 th century Swedish war grave in Cakulos (National archaeological monument);
  • Medieval fortifications of Swedish scandals, also called Jumpravmountain;
  • The places of hunting in Garanchos;
  • An amazing beach is more than a hundred years_old Ognieku Paeglis, with a circumference of 1.1 m, and a height of 11 metres, in height of 1.3 m it is divided into three drums.

There are 28 villages in the parish of Decanres, most of them are the village of Decire, the newcomers 2, the elders, the Obeliškas and the Stiukas. 

The parish of the main manufacturing industry - agriculture and wood processing. More than 250 farms are registered, four sawmills (SIA Priedaine, SIA AJ Smirnovi, SIA Anders BR), three shops.

There are two post offices in the parish – Decrores and Atspuk, as well as the same name feldsher points, the Decree Library.

In the course of the history, there have been several primary schools in the parish area of Decanres, Cakulu, Trupeanu, Obeliška, salvations, which were gradually closed. It is now only the primary school founded in 1909.

Culture: In 1989, a summer erection was built with 800 seats. The parish operates seven self-activities collectively. Since 2002, every summer, in the village of Danube, in the village of Madaju, where the house is now used by the association “latmeat”, there is a Latvian tax day devoted to the memorial of the excellent wood masters Donate Vucina (1934-1999).

The deaths are carefully collected and stored in the history of their municipality. On May 4, 1996, the Municipality of Decomeria, who was the first director of a long-term teacher and public employee Antoņina Piļpuk (1933-2004), was discovered in the parish. The museum collected a rich range of materials on the history of parish, school and colhoza, and significant personalities, which have come or relate to the parish of Decreres, the writer Albert Sprudzs (1908-1944), the poet Alexander Garanz (1909-1969), the painter Emily Khalanz (1916-2008), the journalist, the public employee Franz Zepu (1899-2000), the philological science masters, the writer Leonardu Latkowski, the priest John Svilana (1916-1996), and other significant personalities. On September 9, 1989, the memorial plate of the writer Albert Sprudzs's home was established on September 9, 1995. In 2004, just before the death of the autopsy, Antoņina Piļpuk's book comes out in Rezekne's publishing house in Rēzekne “Decire parish and its people”, which summarizes news, publications, and memories of the history of parish and its people.

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