Assencing services

Registrar of the municipality of Rezekne municipality 

In accordance with the binding regulations No. 19 of the municipality of Rēzekne of 19 May 2022 “on the procedures for the provision and accounting of decentralised sewerage services in Rezekne municipality”, the municipality of Rezekne publishes the assenizers registered in the municipality which provide services in the territory of Rezekne District.

Name of the asenizerRegistration No/Tax No.Legal address and contact informationPlace of acceptance of collected wastewater and sedimentRegistration deadlineDate of cancellation of registration
SIA “Rezekne Water”40003218631Castle Street 16, Rezekne Tel.: 646 25066, 64622016 E – Mail: rezeknes_udens@inbox.lvSIA “Rezekne Water”, sewage treatment plant20.11.2019. 
Silmalas parish farm “Līčupe”42401019526“Bay”, Pustinka, Silmalas civil parish, Rezekne municipality Tel.: 26568623, 26660668 Email: jonss76@inbox.lvSilmalas parish treatment plant in Kruķos, Stikans, Vecrujin19.10.2020. 
Alexei Ksendzov15107611445Youth street 8/64, Malta, Rezekne municipality Tel.: 26541963 Email: Lewa15@inbox.lvSilmalas parish treatment plant in Kruķos, Stikans, Vecrujin29.10.2020. 
SIA “Viļānu housekeeper”52403003451Liep street 2C, Viļāni, Rezekne municipality, LV-4650 Tel.: 64662756, 26171835 Email: 9.12.2021. 
Farm “trolley”42401010989“Trolley”, pauri, Kantinieku parish, Rezekne municipality, LV-4621 Tel.: 26111936 Email: inga_t777@inbox.lvAudriņu parish administration plants17.10.2022 
SIA “BIOENVIRONMENT”54103126191Teresis Street 8-3, Riga, LV-1012 Tel. 24555511 Email: Liga @bio-vide.lvSIA “Rezekne Water”, sewage treatment plant16.03.2023 
SIA “Eco Baltia vide”40003309841Getliņu iela 5, Rumbula, Stopiņu pagasts, Ropažu novads, LV-2121
Tel.: + 371 67 517 600
SIA “Rezekne Water”, sewage treatment plant11.08.2023
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