Vaccination vaccination in Rikava, Verems and Cloud Mountain

In order to be able to receive a vaccine against Covid-19 as close as possible to the day-to-day lives of humans, the National Health Service, in cooperation with the Rezekne Hospital, shall carry out an emergency vaccination in the municipality of Rezekne in cooperation with the Hospital of Rezekne. 

  • Thursday, September 23, pl. 10.00 Rikavas in a cultural house (jaunības street 10, Rikava, more information by telephone: 29451832);
  • Saturday, 25 September, pl. 10.00 Vērēmu parish in the People's House, Miķelday fairs (J. Zvīdra iela 4, Sondori, Vērēmu civil parish, more information by telephone: 28378899);
  • Saturday, October 2, pl. 10.00 Mākoņkalna in the People's House, Miķelday fairs (Liga iela 1, Lipuški, Mākoņkalna civil parish, more information by telephone: 64646741).

For technical reasons, on 23 September, the pre-scheduled vaccination vaccination OF Viļānos was cancelled! Viļānu the association of the association will provide transport for 23 September at 12.00 is to be taken to vaccinators at the nearest point of vaccination at Rikavas in the cultural house. Login by phone 64628033.

The vaccination shall be carried out without prior notice (live-order). The population of the surrounding parish is also invited to vaccination. If you need transport, please contact the nearest parish manager.

Vaccination will take place with the vaccine of the daughter of “Johnson & Johnson”, Janssen, which requires only one dose of the vaccine.

It is preferable to arrive at a clothing that allows easy release of the shoulder. A personal identification document (passport or ID card) and a grafting passport (if any) shall be taken to the vaccination.

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