The “HORIZONTAL” youth centre implemented the project “technology saving!”



Čornajas parish youth centre “HORIZON” implemented the project “technology saving!” co-financed by the municipality of Rēzekne municipality's education and sports administration and THE CO-financed initiatives co-financed BY Kaunatas associations. Within the framework of the project, young people spent three days in interesting and educational activities where information on water safety, safety at the summer holidays, as well as the latest technologies in the field of rescue. The project was implemented from 7 June to 13 June.

On the first day OF the project AT Čornajas, the National Fire-Fire and Rescue Service (VUGD) inspector Oļegs Poskrjobishevs Rezekne Municipality has educated young people in a lecture on safety at the water bodies, on safety during summer holidays, as well as presented the latest technologies in the field of rescue. After that, all the members of the lecture went to the VUGD Rēzekne, where they could look at the new, modern rescue cars and compare them to the old ones. Young people listened to interesting stories about the everyday life of rescuers, the equipment, as well as the various occurrences during calls. Young people also took part in running races, during which they had to wear a full firefighter's equipment to better feel the rescuer's role.

On the second day of the project, Jānis Jurchenko was visited by Jānis Jurchenko from SIA “ALSO TE” to introduce the theory and practice of drone pilots. In the practical part, the young people themselves felt both rescuers and unfortunate roles. The task was to find a group of missing people on land and boats on the water. After practice, young people could conclude that it was not easy. As a continuation of the emotions, a trip with a boat on Razna Lake SIA “Razna Bay” under the direction of Captain Edgar Teivan. On the journey, all the participants were sounding stronger than the lifejackets, as the theory and in practice the combined forces led to a sensible act.

On the closing day of the project, a trip to an outdoor swimming pool CALLED “Olympic Centre Rezekne” was organised, where the task was to demonstrate and comply with all pre-existing preconditions so that swim is safe for both the swim and the surrounding ones.

Prepared by: Sarmitte Broliša, Čornajas parish youth worker

Photo: Čornajas parish youth Anastasia Dikgood

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