Educate young and future parents about breast-feeding

In the first year of life, the newborn child does not have better food for his mother's milk, so the emerging and young parents, grandparents, are invited to attend a free seminar “nursing the child – theory and practice”. The seminar will be held on July 8, 12:00 – 14:00, Rēzekne, the Eastern Latvian creative service centre “Zeimuļs”, Rezekne Mommy Club (1.9). Seminar management consultant Anita Baltalksne
The workshop will include both theoretical information and practical advice to the Council on the initiation of breast-feeding, how to determine whether the baby has enough milk to do if it is lacking, what difficulties may occur with breastfeeding and how to prevent breast-feeding and other topics. The emerging and new mothers will be able to learn nursing posters, as well as familiarize with nursing aids. Time will also be devoted to discussion and mutual exchange of experience.
“For the time of the difficulties, Momma has the knowledge in which to find answers, and there is a nursery child who can provide support to her woman and her mother's mother. This is why Dad is invited to the activities,” says, head of the portal.
Anita Baltalksne
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