Each Rēzekne municipality will receive a school accessory kit



For several years, when starting lessons in class 1 in one of the educational institutions of Rezekne, a pleasant surprise is expected – a set of school accessories with pencils, colours, plastic and other materials useful to the school.

The value of the pre-grading kit is 21 EUR. “When selecting stationery goods, we take into account the requirements and recommendations of the specialists so that the school fittings are particularly suitable for primary school pupils,” said Silvija Strankale, head of the municipality of Rezekne, “for example, pencils are triangular to make the child feel right. Similarly, a very high-quality plastic, with which the child is easy to work and who does not measure your hands or tables, is chosen from the broad offer. The kit is also accompanied by a plastic cup with a cover of cover brush, which is very light and handy to carry, and in addition it does not rain, so that it does not damage either his or her adjacent school belongings. '

The school assistant kit is issued in accordance with the binding Regulation No. 54 of the municipality of Rezekne of 4 June 2015 on social aid benefits in Rezekne municipality, Section XI “Benefit for pre-grades”.

If the “pre-grading allowance” is intended for all who commence training in the educational institutions of the municipality of Rezekne, irrespective of the place of residence they have declared, the “allowance for pupils' catering” shall be due only to the children declared in the Rezekne municipality. “From pre-school to class 12, catering expenses are covered for children of our municipality who come from a number of families of children, foster families, poor families, as well as children in custody. The exception is all students of classes 1 to 4 whose catering is paid in full by the State,” explained the head of the social service. “It should be noted that the allowance for children's catering is not paid to parents but is transferred to the catering service provider. In this way, we can be sure that this money will actually be used for the purpose of children's catering,” says Sylvia Strankale.

Both the acquisition of the school fittings and the allowances for the catering of the pupils are financed from the budget of the local government of the municipality of Rezekne. In 2014, 974 pupils received a benefit for lunch and 28 352 EURO were spent in total for this purpose, while the school fittings kit was received by 225 pre-graders for a total amount of EUR 4725. It is expected that this year, the lessons of the Rezekne municipality will be started and the kits will receive approximately equally 1 st grade students.

Madara Laksa,
Public relations specialist of the municipality of Rezekne

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