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On the day of restoration of the independence of the Republic of Latvia on 4 May, THE parish of Kaunatas parish was held in the edge of the sides. All five parishes of the association were common in the total planting stock “when the bees of the bees of the bees in San...”. As far as possible, the white cloth festival was celebrated.

Čornajas civil parish The families of the family of chariors in the village of the pond planted, at their own time, the rusty flames of the parish administration, Oļega Kvitkovsky, in the family alley of the previous years, in which the bees will be sanctioned in the flower of the bees a few years later. The eldest resident of the People's House, Ernest Clan, shared memories of Latvian people's destinies on the World War. It was also possible to write a wish to Latvia on a pre-prepared sheet of flame, which was mentioned and enclosed in the tree at the People's House. At the time of the page lamination, it was offered to make a brochure or something with Latvian symbolism.

Griškānu civil parish “When the bees of the bees of the bees of the bees in San...” were planted by the families in Yanopoli, the Roman Manor Park, in place of the old, deaths. Here, as the foreigner is due, the example was SHOWN BY Kaunatas parish associations and Griškānu parish administration manager Janis Aleksaans with family. Following the planting of Liepins, the families went to celebrate a white tablecloth with their Middleys. Because the white tableau festival is quite simple: the family, (this year without friends and neighbors) comes together at one table, takes a shared meal, and also uses the opportunity to discuss the intentions of the future of his courtyard, the neighborhood, the city, the municipality and the country.

Kaunatas civil parish the stock “when the bees in the bees of the bees San...” were planted in both Dubuules and Kaunatas. IN Kaunatas and Mākoņkalna parish management, Sergey Bashmakov had no trouble with the shovel. To be a thick and beautiful flame-flower beam!

In celebrating the day of restoration of the independence of the Republic of Latvia, when the white tableau festival has become a tradition, the people were invited to each of their options:

  • To honour Latvia with a white tablecloth, as a symbol of self-confidence and pride and to prepare one of the recipes herited in the family;
  • To include a holiday photographer visit at THE Kaunatas People's House in his walks;
  • To wear a People's suit for Latvia, take photos and join the stock #country2021
  • To participate in the 4 May film marathon, to watch a Latvian film in his household
  • Think white thoughts and do white jobs!

Also Mākoņkalna civil parish the stock “when the bees of the bees of the bees of the bees were in full power.” Like all works, also for planting of flames, the parish housekeeper, Roland Kalvis, turned to all the seriousness – the little boy, who was in his arms as much as the landlord himself, was attached to the work. Ten flame plants were planted in the area of the lipušku village. As noted BY Skaidrīte Beitāne, head of THE People's House OF Mākoņkalna: “Liepa symbolizes the tree of life that is the source of life and the basis of existence”. Today, the little business, Razna's aijah, would swing in their flower bees a year later.

Stoļerovas civil parish in the course of the whole day, the parish plantations of the parish manager Aivars Lucia's own land were planted. IN Stoļerovas, the people of the Ambassador Dzintra Gribuste were inspired by the words: “together force!” For common tears, joy brings us together and strengthens! Let's tell one another, thank you. Smile, provide helpful hand, advice, hear each other and strengthen the sense of husbandry. We'll keep a strong family, and we'll warm our lovers, grandparents, to warm hands. We'll raise a strong next generation, wait in each family for grandchildren, grandchildren. Let's get self-conscious and be proud. '

The ten families that had been applied for were given a gifted tree, and individually planted in the parish area (at any time chosen and agreed) for future generations, and the previous material added a preference for a thriving future, received memorial gifts, and the Dzintras Gribuste gave the bread to the white tableau festival in the family. A festive photo stand and a story story will be created.

The last UNITS of THE Kaunatas parish association “when the bees of the bees of the bees of the bees of the bees in San...” were planted in the evening. I believe that anyone who participated in activities on this day could not feel the joy, the joy, the joy, and the pride of himself and his country. By rephrasing Kaunatas parish youth affairs specialists Tamara Kablanova's words - although we planted you individually, we made greener and more beautiful Latvia all together.

Inga Oltina, Griškānu civil parish teacher

Festival Kaunatas civil parish and Kaunatā

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