Charity stock Viļānos and seniora evening in decks


Parish news

At the beginning of October, international seniors are celebrated worldwide. By celebrating festivals and emphasising the importance of seniors in society, two events will be held in THE Viļānu association:

6 October the charitable stock will “provide winter stocks for seniors” and will take place in the collection OF both the winter stocks of Viļānu and the bundling OF herbal tea grown by Sokolku volunteers in THE Viļānu cultural house. All gifts will be delivered to seniors.

9 October The decree seniors are invited to an ancient afternoon. The first part of the event will be able to actively participate in creative activities in accordance with their own interests. There will be an opportunity to check knowledge in a knowledgeable quiz. Mutual talks at tea mug will be an integral part of the event. The events of the event are expected by musical songs and dance greetings from parish self-action collections.

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