“You'RE a FUTURE” in Latgale

From 4 to 6 March of that year Latvian Platform for Development Cooperation (PAGES) with members and with European Commission Representations in Latvia support will be hosted In Latgale with five discussions in the cycle “are THE FUTURE”, which will invite participants to share their vision of Europe and their role in Europe. On March 4 at 11.00 calls for a conversation at Ludza, the youth centre of Ludza; On March 4 at 15.00 In Rezekne, a national association in the cultural house; 5 March at 11.00 in Preiles, Free School of Preiles; 5 March at 14.00 Daugavpils, engineer arsenal park and 6 March at 11.00 Balvi, in the support house “Free River”.

20 events are planned within the framework of the discussion cycle “are THE FUTURE”, five of which have already been spent in Kurzeme region. The aim of the measures is to involve as many groups as possible, in particular by encouraging young people to participate. The debate serves as a platform for young people to express their views, proposals and to be heard at both regional and European level. As 2022 is marked as a European Year of Youth, the discussion cycle opens up a special opportunity for young people to be heard and co-operate in the future of Europe.

In five events, we will discuss alternately topics such as education, culture, digital transformation, migration, health, the environment, the European dimension, climate change, young people and the economy. In order to keep the discussion more open and even more interesting, they will be guided by such personalities as the musician, the head of the Latgalic programme “Colnasate” and the folklorist Eric Zeps and one of the most active and visible dauges of the dauges – Jorens Dobkevics.

During the negotiations, the participants will participate in the preparation of the joint soup following the local recipe. As in the discussions, the various opinions enrich each other and the preparation of a common food helps to see the result to be achieved. The various components of soup are also symbolically reminiscent of diversity as a wealth of values, culture and opinions. As a result of the discussion cycle, together with the views expressed in the discussions and the issues discussed, there will also be 20 different soup recipes typical of each event venue, for example, in Preilos, we will prepare cheese soup on the local recipe, while Balvi – a peas soup. The collection of local recipes is more widely considered – in the context of this project, the “recipe” can also be understood as a “recipe” in the form of opinions expressed by the population.

THE PAGE director Inese Vaivare emphasizes: “IN the vision of THE PAGE, the conference on the future of Europe is a great opportunity to involve both long-term and new regional partners in the debate and raise awareness of the link local – national – Europe – global development. In our view, the local context is the primary definition of the necessary changes and their understanding of the substance. THE PAGES will serve as a platform for cooperation in this process, contributing to the hearing and representation of the people of Latvia at all levels. '

Zane Petre, European Commission Representations in Latvia manager: “Conference on the future of Europe” is a platform that gives Europeans the opportunity to express their views, to be heard and to create a European future together. This practical instrument allows local ideas to be presented to the general public at international level, and the European Union institutions give an idea of what is topical for Europeans. As we celebrate the European Year of Youth in 2022, i am particularly pleased with the opportunities offered by this discussion cycle for young people. Young people will create our future, so it is important to hear their opinion and the ideas expressed in order to make a greener, more digital and simultaneously more inclusive Europe. Europe, we can be proud of it. '

Anyone may apply for a measure by completing the form of the application and choosing the location of the event nearest to it, HERE. More information on the measures can be found: lapas.lv

More information:  
Ilze Sipule, project manager

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