Trip to Zemgale and Riga region of the local government of Latgale region


Social Department

In the framework of the Latgale Planning Region (LPR) deinstitutionalisation project (DI), on 6-7 December 2022, an exchange of experience was held for 20 existing and potential social service providers in Latgale region, representatives of local governments and planning region to social service locations in Jelgava municipality, Riga and Ādaži.

The exchange of experience took place for two days, during which six social service locations were visited in Zemgale and Riga region, including social infrastructures, which are part of the deinstitutionalisation plan. The tour included representatives from eight BR municipalities – Daugavpils, Rēzekne countryside, Upper Daugava, Prize, Kraslava, Ludza, Preilu and Rezekne municipality.

On the first day of the trip, participants visited Jelgava municipality's most successful social service provision sites in Vecumnieki and Kalnciema parish, as well as Riga. In the first half of the day, we met the work of the Vecumnieki multifunctional social service centre “red school” and the services provided to children and adults, not only the working environment but also the historical aura of the building. In the afternoon we took the experience in Kalnciema, the multifunctional service centre “KINDLE”, where we looked at group apartments, specialised workshops and day care centres for adults. At the end of the day, we visited the “child of Riga City”, where there was an opportunity to look at the services of adults with mental disorders – group apartments, specialised workshops, as well as social enterprise RB CAFÉwho greeted the participants with delicious cakes.

On the other hand, the second day of the trip was started with THE visit of THE “Saulessvece” daily care centre of THE NGO “St. Jānis” and the attendance of specialised workshops, the participants of the trip assessed the opportunity to learn about the opportunities provided by THE NGO sector. On the day of the day, the rehabilitation centre “we are side-by-side” was visited to better understand how social rehabilitation services for children and adults are provided as specialists. The trip was concluded with the visit of the day care and rehabilitation centre “Ādaži waterrosis”, the charm and functionality of the newly built building, as well as the professional approach of employees did not leave the indifference.

THE public relations specialist of THE LPR project “DI Latgale” Dāvis Greļevskis on the trip: “This experience of exchange of experience was valuable not only for social service providers but also for local government and planning region employees, for improvement of self-sufficiency and for the acquisition of good practice. Working with the social sector is never a monotone, this sector is always subject to change, which is not only a social policy but also a human factor, so communication with colleagues in other municipalities is essential to ensure the sustainability and development of the social sector. This was also an opportunity for people in Latgale region to meet each other and discuss professional issues that have failed to implement so often in recent years. Thank colleagues for their warm reception, as well as valuable answers to all questions of interest. We wait for the villages in Latgale to share our experience!

The exchange of experience took place in the framework of the deinstitutionalisation project of the Latgale Planning Region “Implementation of deinstitutionalisation measures in Latgale region” (No.

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public relations specialist of the project “DI Latgale”
Dāvis Greļevsky

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