Lecture on how to distinguish false messages



The municipality of Rezekne is held at the small hall of the municipality on 27 July at 12.00 will be a lecture on “reputation in artificial intelligence and the age of big data”. Lectore Linda Curik, Head of Communications of THE NATO Strategic Communications Excellence Centre, says on the subject of the subject: “today, much is spoken about the Russian information war and the spread of false news that not only affect what we think, but also how we do. Therefore, communicators who operate in any area are very important to understand how this information is disseminated and how to take care of the reputation."
We call on everyone who uses the Internet daily and share information. Sometimes it is hard to distinguish in information that is true, but which is false news. We are invited to think about what we share and remember that sharing false news negatively affects the reputation of a person.
The event is organised in cooperation with THE NATO Strategic Communications Excellence Centre, as well AS the project CRISCO - “Promoting regional cross-border-population participation in local community life to increase the effectiveness of cohesion policy”.
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