Big talc in Rezekne municipality


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Photo: Juris Laizāns

On April 22, with the motto “green Latvia = green world” big and small took part in big talent activities and formed the Rēzekne District area. As part of the big talks, Latvians were also fighting IN Ozolaines parish. The hogweed was destroyed mechanically – stabbed and excavated with a shovel.

The municipalities of the municipality of Rezekne and the management of the municipality of Rezekne, together with THE management staff of THE Nautrēnu association and the members of Latgale photographer society, talked at the place of the memorial of Jānis Gleizda.

IN Bērzgales parish this year, the talkers were active in the development of the parish environment. The primary school pupils, with teachers, took over the road to collect waste from the winter. The parish administration collectively assembled the surroundings of the architectural monument of local significance – Bērzgales. The old leaves, the branches of the hundredth-year-old trees, the synthetic wastes left by the visitors, were seized. The plantations made new “haircuts” so that the summer would be greedily salted and oblivious.

Stoļerovas spent three days in the parish. “I thought it WAS all THE parish of Stoļerovas, because from every small corner you could get a beautiful, cleaned photo of the sites.” Thank you for all the parish, employees, school collectors and learners for their responsiveness and good works, “said Dzintra Gribuste, organizer OF cultural events Stoļerovas in the house. 

Thank you very much for the National Guard 3. Latgale Brigadier 36 th Battalion Commander, Colonel Lieutenant Oscar Omule and soldiers on the initiative and involvement in big talks in Kaunatas parish! As a result of the voluntary soldiers, another corner was gathered: the sawn bushes and the edge of the road at Razna Lake. Now there is a landscape view of Razna Lake, who will be happy at every season. It should be noted that THE National Armed Forces soldiers were also assisted in the management of THE Maltas association.

Thank everyone for the contribution to the environment.

Big talc is the largest non-governmental movement of Latvia, based on voluntary participation in environmental cleansing, recovery and improvement, creating cohesion, positivism and a well-made sense of work. For the second decade of its existence in 2019, the big talk started with new storms in environmental thinking, calling on people to think more about and act to eradicate the causes of environmental pollution, not only the consequences, as well as the recovery of our understanding of human and natural interactions.

Prepared by: July Jurane, Public relations specialist of the municipality of Rezekne after Bērzgales, Rikavas, Feimaņu, Stoļerovas, Ozolaines, Kaunatas parish and information sent BY the city representatives OF Viļānu.

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