PROVIDING digital skills courses for entrepreneurs and self-employed



Latvian Information and Communication Technologies Association (LIKTA) with The European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) co-financing calls for micro and small entrepreneurs and self-employed to take advantage of the possibility of learning different digital skills. The opportunity to apply for courses until 1 December 2023, the course of the courses varies every month.

Through the European regional fund's financial support, employees of small and micro-enterprises and self-employed can learn different digital skills. IT calls for the acquisition of the digital skills project “for the development of small and micro-enterprises for the development of innovation and digital technologies in Latvia” (mMU). The training will be organised both on-site and on-line. You can choose to visit several courses during the project.

Benefits for participation in courses:

  • Training and additional materials in Latvian
  • 70% from tuition fees net covered BY ERDF
  • Both online and face-to-face learning
  • Training on professional learning methodologies
  • In addition to a month in e-environment, both theoretical and practical materials for securing skills shall be available
  • i can learn specific skills such as basic competences for digital financial management and accounting programs (SRS, EDS reports,, Jumis, etc.), graphic and visual tools (Canva, Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom, AutoCAD, etc.), statistics and analysis tools (Power BI, in-depth statistical analysis using Excel), cloud services and security, social networking, and other tools (Facebook, Instagram, Google Analytics, WordPress u. c.
  • Practical skills that cannot be obtained elsewhere, such as the topic “practical ICT security”
    company employees'.

To apply for courses may be traders or self-employed persons who:

  • Registered in the Commercial Register of the Republic of Latvia (individual merchants, small and
  • Registered for the performance of economic activity (self-employed persons).
  • Corresponds to the definition of small and micro-enterprises.
  • Employees of the company.
  • Operating in the assisted area. (non-assisted sectors: primary production of agricultural products, fisheries, coal and steel industry, production of synthetic fibres, construction of ships and floating equipment.)
  • Does not meet the status of a merchant in difficulty.
  • The merchant does not have a tax debt administered by the State Revenue Service which
    exceeding 150 EUR.
  • A merchant has not been declared insolvent by a court decision, including not located
    in the process of reorganization or legal protection, its economic activity has not been terminated,
    according to the information available in the Commercial Register, it is not in liquidation.

Login modalities:

  1. Sign up when filling out a questionnaire , indicating
    your user name and password.
  2. Sign in with your username, password and the “Qualifications” tab requires data to be filled in.
  3. 10 working days from the time of submission shall be subject to verification of compliance.
  4. The merchant shall receive e-mail with a decision regarding the compliance of the merchant with the requirements of the project.
    Corresponds to the entries in the portal and the “training” tab, enter data on the participants, and
    give them to the course.
    • does not match – when considering the reason for non-approval and preventing its cause, there is a chance to retry
    pass the qualification.
  5. The merchant shall enter into a contract with the training provider and participate in the training.

In the case of questions, refer to:

  • On the mācību - Baltic computer academy (tel.: 67505032, 26859585;
  • On qualification - Latvian Information and Communication Technology Association (tel.: 29400608; E-mail:

More information about the project:

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