RTA student exhibition “digital experiment in design II”



On 15-16 May, an ambitious event was held at THE Rēzekne municipality in Lūznavas, the International Digital Art Symposium “Reality Turn (Reality) – new experience, art and ecology in the virtual era”. The three countries participating in the “European Connections in Digital Arts – EUCIDA” project supported by the European Union programme “Creative Europe” are Latvia, France and Ireland. The project partner from Latvia is the municipality of Rezekne. Last year, the municipality invited the Rēzekne Technology Academy (RTA) to participate in the project.
On May 15, as part of the art symposium, AN exhibition was opened at THE premises of THE Historical Manor of Lūznavas, THE student creative experiments of THE RTA design study programmes in product design – decorative functional light objects, suits and accessories thereof. The design programmes were represented by students of education, language and design faculty “art”, the bachelor study programme “interior design” and the Masters study programme “design” for students, as well as the student faculty study direction “production and processing”, students of the study programme “clothing design and technology”.
In the opening of the exhibition, the co-ordinator of the municipality of Rezekne, Inta Rimšāne, described the progress made IN THE EUCIDA project, welcoming the cooperation with RTA. The participants and guests of the exhibition were welcomed BY Lūznavas manor manager Iveta Balzer. While RTA's rector, Professor Iveta Mietule, welcomed the initiative and activity of the designers and students, noted the role of laser technologies in the development of the future. Sylvia Mežinska welcomed the opportunity for students to develop works using modern technologies. The role of co-operation in project implementation between countries and cities, institutions – local governments and RTA, as well as faculty, doctors and students was highlighted by one of the exhibition curators Diana Apele. Inspired words on cooperation were also said by Pavel narica, head of THE RESEARCH centre for physical processes and laser technologies (FPLPC). Visitors were invited to explore and evaluate the experimental work of designers and engineers.
FPLPC employees (http://lazers.rta.lv) positively assessed THE opportunity offered by THE EUCIDA project to the prospective specialists and existing enthusiasts of the design, arts and engineering industry, to expand their vision, to realise ideas and to create new products using laser technologies. It should be stressed that in the process of realizing the ideas of the participants in the project, knowledge and skills were acquired by both the students themselves and THE RTA engineers, using the opportunity to experiment with new materials and explore their interactions with different equipment, although it is recognised that there was no shortage of problems as well.
Due to the symbiosis of RTA students and access to modern, modern technologies IN RTA laboratories, original designs were created during the project, indicating that it is also possible for regions to successfully realise their personal intentions by using the knowledge acquired by adding value-added products. THE results of THE EUCIDA project only demonstrate the necessity and effectiveness of interdisciplinary action, which in turn is highly assessed in the modern labour market.
Thank you for all the students involved in the project – Everitai Jukai, Gunta Salman, Ilzei Mežinsk, Ingai Laizanne-Šarov, Vineta Jogurei, Christ Pavar, Zelma Kahkala, Nathalie Brokalne, Santa Cabuļeu, Zeligai Protizana, Sandra Zager, Sabine Carklin, and Maria Spruk. Special thanks to the municipality of Rēzekne and Inta Rimshone, the engineer's faculty decade Erica Teirumnieki, the REPRESENTATIVES of THE RTA physical process and the research centre of laser technology – Pope Naricam, Anton Pazei, Imanta Adijan, Christian Gershbek, Alexander Okuņev, on the immeasurable patience and the resignation of the students.
Diana Apele, Director of the “interior design” study programme
RTA Engineering Institute
Photo: Maris Justs, Eduards Medvedev
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